Member of Motorcycle Club Slugs Guy for Wearing Fake MC Vest 

Member of Motorcycle Club Slugs Guy for Wearing Fake MC Vest 


Key West Florida, Sloppy Joe’s Bar 

Cristal M Clark 

In an incident caught on the security cam footage at Sloppy Joe’s Bar in Key West Florida, Pagans Member 52-year old Michael Robbins took offense to a vest a fellow bar patron was sporting Saturday night. 


Michael was so enraged by the dupe that he was subsequently arrested and charged with, aggravated assault, aggravated battery, robbery, misdemeanor battery, criminal mischief and a felony charge of gang-related activity. He is being held on a $100,000 bond which I am guessing is a bit excessive. 


At any rate, the victim, 36, hails from Virginia Beach, reported that he and some friends decided to wear “fake motorcycle vests,” purchased from Amazon, for fun while riding their “bicycles” to a Key West bar on Saturday night.

Wait, they rode actual bicycles not motorcycles? They then thought it would be funny to mock a club by wearing fake vests that didn’t even sport a real club’s patches? Turns out the vests these morons were wearing sported a logo depicting “Roman Empires Oceana.”

Patrons from Sloppy Joe’s Bar reported that Michael and fellow Pagans were giving the victim and his pals a hard time for wearing the vests, so the victim decided to leave the bar and head to his hotel room. As he walked out on Duval and headed toward his bicycle he was approached by Michael, who of course made some colorful references to the vest.

Before the victim could answer, Michael punched him in the face and then ordered him to hand over the vest, then promptly informed the victim that this was “Pagan territory,” and that if he saw him in Key West again, he and his Pagan friends would beat him up. 

The victim then told Michael his cut was part of a military group, to which Michael responded by ever so nicely asking the victim to follow him around the corner and the two were standing outside the General Horseplay bar on Caroline Street. Michael was heard saying: “If you ever come back to Key West, I will kill you,”  as he used his knife to cut patches off the vest of the victim.

Video shows Michael putting the patches in his back pocket. 

Now here is where things don’t make complete sense, if Michael had hit the victim hard enough to warrant felony charges, the guy wouldn’t have been able to follow him around here, not to mention inform Michael he was part of a military group. 

The incident was captured by a bar’s security camera and the footage shows Robbins putting the patches into his back pocket, police said.

Either way, Michael should not have punched the guy or destroyed the vest by cutting the patches off of it, yet again it’s sort of also a form of a harassment which could loosely be translated to a form of a hate crime, to sport a fake motorcycle club vest mocking members of actual motorcycle clubs for one’s own entertainment. 

Cristal M Clark

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