FBI Expanding it’s Domestic Terrorism Focus 

FBI Expanding it’s Domestic Terrorism Focus 

The Federal Bureau of Investigation seal is seen at FBI headquarters before a news conference by the FBI Director the inspector general's report in Washington

Director Christopher Wray Dishes Dirt 

Cristal M Clark

In what some are calling absolute nonsense the usually quiet, FBI Director Christopher Wray has detailed to the House judiciary committee that the bureau has recently “changed our terminology as part of a broader reorganization of the way in which we categorize our domestic terrorism efforts.”


Which many of us will applaud because of the rise of white-supremacist terrorism. One of 4 categories included as part of the changes of domestic terrorism that the FBI confronts, Per Christopher Wray happens to be “abortion violent extremism.” Which means it doesn’t matter which side of abortion you stand on. 


And that is the part that is leaving some scratching their heads, unless you are in Colorado. On November 27, 2015 Robert  Robert Lewis Dear Jr walked into a Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs, opened fire injuring 9 individuals and killed 3 individuals. If you support, encourage and applaud that, you are in fact the type of individual who carries an extremist view. 

Between 1993 and today, anti-abortion activists murdered 11 people and attempted to kill another 26. 

Theodore-Schulman-crimeshop - Edited

Theodore Schulman on the other hand is the self proclaimed “first pro-choice terrorist.” He had a long history of making threats to those who do not support abortion up to and including threatening to kill someone in response to defendant Scott Roeder should he be found not guilty for the murder of abortion provider George Tiller. The murder by the way took place in the foyer of a Wichita church in 2009. 

The announcement of the abortion violent extremism did draw the ire of many critics who hesitated not, to mention that abortion related violence is and has been rare, which is true. However, Christopher had an answer for that: “Well, we’ve actually had a variety of kinds of violence under that, believe it or not.” And even if they do not have high enough documented numbers of that, one would be hard pressed to disagree with the fact extremism regardless of the belief or cause one passionately believes in is in fact on the rise. 

In 2017, the FBI distributed a brief “Abortion Extremism Reference Guide” at a counter-terrorism training for local law enforcement, listing “pro-choice extremists” as a group of domestic terrorists. The document, first reported by Jezebel, claimed that these extremists “believe it is their moral duty to protect those who provide or receive abortion services.”

Now they have expanded that view to include both sides of the equation which would be the correct move. 

Christopher did admit that abortion extremism is only a small fraction of terrorism cases it deals with while “the top threat of domestic terrorism comes from racially and/or ethnically motivated violent extremists.”

It’s been reported that about half of the terrorism cases the FBI has been looking at concern anti-government extremism (we can all thank Donald for that one) and another 40% concern racist terrorism. Around 85 cases are of violence motivated by animal rights, ecological degradation, abortion and then the miscellaneous cases.

Not that many of you get to see this much but in my line of work, I have met, heard from and spoken to quite a few extremists, what I can tell you is that for the most part these individuals can be frightening, the things they believe, the idea’s they have. The FBI adding abortion extremism is a logical way of thinking, extremist views and thoughts can and eventually do translate into some type of extremist action or behavior at some point or another. 

Cristal M Clark

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