Drugs Found In Bag Marked “Bag Full of Drugs”

Drugs Found In Bag Marked “Bag Full of Drugs”


Santa Rosa County, FL

Cristal M Clark 

Sometimes when criminals screw up they do it in such a delightful way that it seemingly just makes everyone’s day better. 

Recently in Santa Rosa County, Florida two would be drug dealers were pulled over by a state trooper for allegedly speeding 25 miles over the limit on I-10. While the Santa Rosa County’s K9 unit was assisting in searching the vehicle, they turned up something rather unusual. 


Drugs in a bag marked “Bag Full of Drugs.” That’s right, the two men put the drugs in a bag marked fairly clearly “Bag Full of Drugs.”

The K9’s found 75 grams of methamphetamine, 1.36 kilograms of GHB, 1 gram of cocaine, 3.6 grams of fentanyl, 15 MDMA tablets and of course you can’t have drugs without the drug paraphernalia.

Naturally the men were arrested and are in fact, facing charges. 


Let this be a little lesson to all of you from Florida, do not under any circumstances speed out on I-10 in Florida and more importantly, do not transport your illegal drugs in bags marked “Bag Full of Drugs.”

Cristal M Clark

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