Facebook Users – Urge Fellow Users To Stop Using Facebook as a Dating Website

Facebook Users – Urge Fellow Users To Stop Using Facebook as a Dating Website


Facebook to all Users – We Have a Dating Site for That!

Cristal M Clark 

Raise of hands, how many of you have been hit on via Facebook? It’s happened to all of us from time to time and it either resolves itself or we block said users. In some cases people have ended up developing long lasting relationships through a Facebook friendship, but that is rare. We all have friends who check in on us from time to time on Facebook, former lovers who want to say sorry or let us know they still care, long lost family reaches out to us.  

The newest trend seems to be that users are actually using Facebook as a dating app rather aggressively and not using the actual Facebook Dating platform while victims of the dating attempts are getting sick of it, rather collectively. 


I’ve seen countless posts from users who are tired of the unsolicited attempts to date them or attempts to just have sex with them, men and women alike are sick of the unsolicited nudes that individuals IM us. Not to mention the IM’s from users right after we accept a friend request that are actual messages asking how we are or professing to be attracted to us. Those are way different from the IM’s where users thank us for accepting the friend request. 

It’s happened to me a few times from time to time, usually I either ignore and delete the messages and user or let the user know that I am not interested and the problem is solved but today, some idiot responded on my timeline to the meme below that I posted. 

Facebook-Dating-Crimeshop - Edited

A friend called me whilst I was at work and asked me if I saw what this guy posted to my timeline. 

His response: “WELL, I TRIED!!!” 

Wait is he trying to tell me that because of what I post on social media that I am asking to be hit on? Isn’t that like saying because of what a woman or girl wears she was asking to be raped? It is if you look at it realistically.

TF? First, let’s get one thing straight, I like countless users of Facebook do not use the site as a dating website, we use it to share and steal meme’s, for funny stories, and sometimes we share life events and pictures of our lives. So if you or anyone is hitting on someone on Facebook, you can rest assured the feeling is more often than not, not mutual. 

I was honestly taken aback by this guys message on my timeline, yes he did try to hit on me multiple times, sending cute little emoji’s, but I speak adult so I ignored him. I mean come on, I’ve done my time paying the way of a 50 year man who can’t/won’t hold down a job, living off of the system and/or others, according to his Facebook. Besides, men who want to date a woman will just tell her, rather than behave like a love crazed 16 year old boy who send subtle hints via emoji.  

That being said, while I did delete the user and his comment after I did that I realized just how much I know about this guy and just how little he knows about me. I do not post where I live or work, I usually post funny highlights of my life, or memes, but I’ve had friends tell me that when they attempted to block someone who was overly interested in them, they’ve experienced issues where the individual started to try to contact them at their homes, send gifts to someone’s work, start hanging out where the victims hang out, all because users of the social media platform tend to way over share personal details of our lives. 


It serves as a really good reminder to us all that we need to be careful about what we post on social media and what we keep personal, not to mention who we friend and just how close we become to them, remember people can seem relatively sane and well put together online and over the phone then something will set them off like my meme today which clearly pissed the guy off. Leading up to that, over a month ago, after I ignored his attempts he stopped liking anything I posted, yet just out of nowhere the last 3 days he started liking and commenting on everything I’ve posted which says a lot about his mental frame of mind. 

A former boss I worked for once taught me to never overshare anything on social media, where I lived, worked, shopped, vacationed, etc. Since I stopped working for him, I have tended to follow his advice.

So while the social media platform is usually taken in a very lighthearted fun way, it’s user beware of what we choose to share because some are seeking more than just friendship and are watching everything we post learning our habits and where we can be found. Keep in mind that your run of the mill scammers and thieves are also watching. 

Cristal M Clark

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