American’s Cannot Follow Instructions Amid Covid-19 Fears

American’s Cannot Follow Instructions Amid Covid-19 Fears

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Are We Taking Too Much of a Risk?

Cristal M Clark

Schools, Sports, Concerts all canceled why even here in Colorado our Ski Resorts are shuttering shop for a bit, all in an effort to slow the spread of Covid-19, yet people are still heading out to clear store shelves of food and toilet paper, as if they are going to be in a bunker for the next several years. I went for a drive this afternoon through our fine city and saw packed parking lots, shoppers heading out of stores with enough supplies to literally last years, restaurants and pubs are full of patrons. Clothing stores packed, shoe stores catering to happy shoppers as if they have not a care in the world. Cities are now beginning to order the closing of all bars and restaurants, Colorado I am sure is not far behind on that front.  


Can we not follow our instructions to shelter in our homes, avoid large crowds, only buy what we will need for two weeks? Have we lost our bloody minds? All of this panic shopping is ridiculous, hoarding so much all at once is a waste of money and also takes from shoppers like the elderly that really need supplies but unfortunately cannot get around like the rest of us. 


If you head to social media what you find are quite a few stunned individuals shaming our fellow citizens for behaving so foolishly. At first it was just caused by fear but at this point, after so many days of everyone including the media asking people to chill, it’s gotten to a point where you really do start to question your fellow man. 


False news and information are spreading like a wildfire across the internet, do gooders are offering vitamin tips, some of which are at levels that can be lethal, while some groups are suggesting we all drink a little bleach, home remedies and the like are spreading. 


Again, has everyone lost their minds? What happened to good old fashioned common sense here?

The media is blaming the President for not acting quickly enough, the majority of those on social media are blaming the media for blowing things way out of proportion in fact, to epic proportions. 


And that is actually true, the media has blown things so out of proportion that it has created what we are witnessing out of our fellow man right now. I’ve watched the news and they did and still do make it seem as if this was and is a dire situation to the point where level minded individuals are behaving irrationally. The media insists on saying things like this could be life or death but the reality is that they are in fact providing more misinformation, their opinions rather than any and all actual news and that my friends is in fact driving a hysteria like we have never seen.

Maybe it’s time for the government to actually do something about the mainstream media or for all of us to turn it off.   

Cristal M Clark

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