Communities Shut Down, Working Class Suffers

Communities Shut Down, Working Class Suffers


Covid-19 Fallout Worse Than Imagined 

Cristal M Clark 

The number of communities moving to stay at home orders came too late because people were already not following the recommended guidelines, which put us all at a greater risk. Unemployment numbers are skyrocketing to epic proportions, while those trying to file are crashing state unemployment sites just because everyone is trying to file at the same time. And as an added bonus we have dueling politicians who are completely failing at putting together an adequate stimulus package. While they all have agenda’s they are failing to meet the needs of a public whose worry increases by the day. 

On social media people are getting into vicious arguments, some are politically ranting to a post someone thought funny or a news article they shared with regards to the current situation. Threats, name calling and the like are running rampant. Young people want to burn it all down and are behaving badly, older generations want to blame one side or the other. Trump doesn’t have a clue what is actually going that is pretty clear. His biggest concern is that this country is basically economically shut down. He is right about that however we need to get a cure in place before we run out and risk lives again. No one knows just how many people are infected and hospitals are not yet equipped enough to deal with nor care for the sick. 

So what is the answer?


The Senate needs to wake up and look at what American’s are actually feeling, it’s all over social media and that angst is mounting and swelling. Soon it will boil over. 

One question readers keep sending my way is why did our government not take this more seriously before it made its way here? Why were more preventative restrictions on travel not put into place months ago? 

I cannot answer that question honestly because I am looking at a current leadership structure and system that just doesn’t give a fuck. Each side is bickering about things that are simply not important right now. Yes we’d all love to see large corporations be held more accountable but right now is not the time to argue about that when the very people who make those corporations run, not leaders or shareholders of them, the actual out of work individuals are the ones suffering for every single decision, lack of good judgement and failures from the leadership in this country. 

Take care of your people first, deal with your wants, meal ticket needs and deals later. One illness brought our entire nation to a dead stop and to it’s very knees and we had been warned, countless times. The world is watching our leadership crumble and buckle under the weight of this, while they all stepped forward and took and dipped into pocket books to help their working class. 

Our society is a direct reflection of our leadership and it shows on social media by the way we are treating each other, it shows on the news as many blatantly disregard staying home, being out in large groups, panic shopping. 

Will the Senate finally wake up or would that be asking too much?

Cristal M Clark

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