White Supremacist Planned To Blow Up Hospital 

White Supremacist Planned To Blow Up Hospital

The Federal Bureau of Investigation seal is seen at FBI headquarters before a news conference by the FBI Director the inspector general's report in Washington

Missouri Racism at it’s Upmost Worst – Coronavirus Bomber

Cristal M Clark

Last week a Missouri man who just so happens to be a white supremacist planned to blow up a hospital just to further his cause and beliefs. Not quite the way one would normally go about recruiting followers and believers but to each his own I suppose.

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According to the summary of the case an FBI advisory sent to law enforcement Monday said that 36-year old Timothy Wilson met with an undercover FBI employee and spoke about setting off a vehicle bomb at a hospital because of “the increased impact given the media attention on the health sector” due to the coronavirus pandemic. Timothy and the undercover agent in fact visited the hospital and discussed the attack in detail. Sounds like quite a lovely man no?

Agent’s however had already been watching over dear Timothy, who had purchased several bags of fertilizer which we all know can be used as a bomb component which he kept in a storage unit. Timothy in fact, came under investigation back in September, when the FBI arrested a Ft. Riley, Kansas, solider, Jarrett William Smith.

Agents said Jarrett told others how to make bombs and talked about wanting to carry out attacks in the U.S. They said he and Timothy talked about how to make explosive devices “to further their racially motivated violent extremist ideology.”

“Wilson had taken the necessary steps to acquire materials needed to build an explosive device, kept close track of Wilson in order to protect public safety.”

Back on March 24, Timothy met the undercover agent at the storage unit and picked up what he thought was a working bomb but it was actually constructed by the FBI, so it was non-working.

Timothy was killed in a shootout when the FBI attempted to arrest him, naturally he really did want to go out in a blaze of glory.

Cristal M Clark

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