States Seeking a Bailout


Trump is Refusing to Play

Cristal M Clark 

This week we’ve seen a lot of coverage about states needing federal funding in an effort to continue to stay operational. At one point some members of Congress have suggested another option, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) recently suggested that states should file for Bankruptcy. A suggestion backed by US President Donald Trump. 

States-Federal-Bailout-Crimeshop - Edited

Here’s where I see his point though, for years states, cities and municipalities have mismanaged funds, lost money and spent in a rather frivolous manner at the expense of the taxpayer. So why should they get a bailout without conditions? Which is what many are asking for, they feel the terms and conditions in some cases that Trump is touting for are simply not in line with what states want to do. Immigration being one of the terms and conditions, Trump on Tuesday suggested  he would approve money but only if states cracked down on immigration policies in sanctuary cities.   

Which leaves everyone with no real answer here. States are having to furlough or lay off employees in mass numbers which will eventually hit police and fire departments nationwide due to lack of funding coming in to states through tax revenues. State, cities and municipalities do face insolvency, it will be the result of decades of fiscal mismanagement.Yes, the federal government does have an obligation to help cover the costs of addressing the Covid-19 pandemic and Congress has already sent states unprecedented aid.

Trump’s point is simple, unforeseen circumstances is one of the reasons states should have rainy day funds.Wyoming had an entire year’s worth of revenue saved away, yet Illinois and Kansas had just minutes of revenue saved. Puerto Rico filed for bankruptcy, its debt equaled about three times its annual revenues. When Detroit entered bankruptcy in 2013, the city’s debt was 13 times its annual revenues. A few months or even a few years of lower revenues won’t create bankruptcy situations for states but prolonged, systemic mismanagement does play a very large role in states going bankrupt.

The federal government has provided state and local governments with direct grants worth $150 billion to help cover COVID-19 expenses. But that is not what some states are using the funds for. Governors are asking for flexibility to use these funds for non-pandemic costs. That’s right, some have used the money for temporary pay raises and bonuses for public-sector workers. Millions of Americans have lost their paychecks and some states and local governments want to use the money for raises and bonuses, while Trump has stated rather publicly that he does not support that type of spending what-so-ever. 

So while I would not be a huge fan of seeing states go bankrupt but perhaps we should consider letting some fall for no other reason other than they can’t seem to manage funds properly in the first place. 

Right now just in the United States we have unprecedented unemployment rates, as we struggle to get economies up and running we will still face long term unemployment as businesses were forced to reduce their workforce during the shutdown or shut down completely and will either not open again or for those that do, they are looking at a large reduction in staff.   

So cities, municipalities and states will in fact see a long term loss in revenue and should be utilizing the business model of the private sector. No raises, no bonuses, cutting pay, and operating with less staff until they can stabilize and learn to manage a budget properly. 

Cristal M Clark

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United States Judicial System Broken Beyond Repair 


The Unjust Judicial System – Broomfield, Colorado Strother – 18CR165 

Cristal M Clark 

As most of my long time readers know, I have survived some really horrendous and abusive relationships in my life. I stand up for the little guy, even sometimes the injustice criminals face because for some the system is great but if you are less fortunate financially, you could find yourself to be quite fucked. 

I had word yesterday that this was coming, it really messed me up a little. This morning the email finally arrived:


On April 28, 2020 at 9:17 AM, “Heiny, Joel” <> wrote:


Good morning,


Now that Mr. Strother has successfully completed his deferred judgment and sentence, he is requesting that this case be sealed. As the victim, you have the right to object to the request. I would need to know as soon as possible to get the objection in, the court can act on the request at any time. I have to be candid about something here though: even though the law gives victims the right to object to sealing, the law also says that Mr. Strother is entitled to this sealing. If you do object, please let me know and I will get the objection filed.


Joel Heiny

Deputy District Attorney

17th Judicial District — Broomfield


As all of my long time readers know, I do not tolerate allowing someone to get away with things just because they are wealthy. I find the injustice of our current legal system to be a complete joke, some men and women have the book thrown at them simply because a DA knows those individuals can’t fight back due to lack of funds, while others can so they are given all of the graces and the victims. Well we get nothing, no justice, no help, or even a second glance once a more wealthy offender is in the system. Not once prior to this has the Judge or DA listened to a word I have had to say, all because this man is wealthy. So my response to the DA today is below. I am publishing it to help other victims and to again remind all of you that I am here, I have your back. You commit a crime, you should do the time but you should be allowed the same graces the man who left me beaten and hurt had. 


Good Afternoon Joel, 


Thank you for the opportunity to have a say in Mr. Strother’s request. I am deeply saddened, disappointed and opposed such a request. Mr. Heiny I spend a lot of my spare time fighting for victims as well as for those who are less fortunate than Mr. Strother is, I spend a lot of time fighting for the little guy, and today I am the little guy.  What I can tell you from that and as Mr. Strother’s victim, the whole case was unjust as far as I am concerned, just as any other victim might find herself. The case left me completely disgusted with the Judicial system and even more dedicated to fighting injustices such as this. 

This man was given a deferred sentence, based off of his financial status, not just because he had never been in trouble before. That sentence allowed for him to have this case wiped away once he completed his probation. Is that not enough, think about it, it should be enough. 

I did not get any justice what-so-ever, I lost my home, half my belongings, a part of myself that still to this day causes me to question and not trust any man’s intentions toward me. Mr. Strother entered into a relationship with me by not being honest about his sexuality. To further complicate things, he drug me through a sexually deviant, abusive and painful path on top of the constant threat that if I did not play along he would just have affairs, throw me out, the verbal abusive behavior of his. The damage of all of that has taken a long time to get over. I am not sure that I am entirely over all of that still, I am still incapable of actually having any type of healthy sexual contact with another man because of everything Mr. Strother did to me and put me through. I no longer trust or have faith in men. 

Mr. Strother was given a very light sentence all because of his status financially within society and now he wants the record of this case sealed? This case truly exposes just how unjust our Judicial system is in this country. I have spent a lot of time meeting victims, other men who committed lesser DV offenses, talked to lawyers, police, witnesses and those men, who do not have the same financial status of Mr. Strother, these other individuals never committed a crime before they received their DV and sentence and they have had the book thrown at them. They are in the eyes of the Judicial system, lesser therefor they are not afforded the same privileges Mr. Strother has had during his time in the system. 

What I have learned from my travels the last couple of years is that men like Mr. Strother are more likely to reoffend at some point in time because by removing records, giving light sentences, slapping them on the wrist, well that sends a clear message that the behavior is acceptable when you are wealthy and please do not argue that point with me, I can put several headlines in front of you just to prove that point.

So no I am completely against this, men like Mr. Strother should never be allowed to have these records sealed, because in doing so, you send a message to all of us that his behavior is okay, once the records are sealed, you give him power and permission to reoffend. And victims, well we don’t get to forget, that record is never wiped away from us. I would strongly urge you to not remove this from his record, he committed the crime and that record should remain a part of his life for the rest of his life just as his crime is part of my life for the rest of my life. 

Cristal M Clark

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Meatpacking Industry Falling To Its Knees Amid Coronavirus


Tyson, JBS, Cargill, Smithfield Face Backlash 

Cristal M Clark 

Amid Coronavirus outbreaks, the meatpacking industry is being brought to its knees due to forced shutdowns, sick workers and horrendous working conditions. The meatpacking industry by the way already had been notorious for poor working conditions even before the coronavirus pandemic. These plants have been called out numerous times for refusing to let their employees use the bathroom, even to wash their hands. 


Part of the problem the industry has faced as a whole are language barriers, which could have been avoided had the plants demanded that workers in this country know and understand the English language period. 

Other issues are more simple but not any less problematic, workers show up to work sick, they do not have sick time and were already so poorly paid they choose to work while sick because they need the money. The reason the workers are not paid well is because American owned businesses are for profit so they take advantage of a workforce that is less prone to fight back and demand things like better wages, sick pay and personal protective gear. 

The industry didn’t really offer that until now because some plants were forced to shut down due to worker illnesses. Tyson is now saying we are going to see food shortage issues however experts disagree with that stating that if given the choice, the industry will choose to produce rather than stop for too long. Which doesn’t solve the problem and it does not protect workers. 

But how does that translate to the consumer? Experts say we are in no danger of getting the virus through possibly contaminated meat but how do they know right? They continually tell us they are still learning about the virus and do not yet know enough about it. 

Now the industry is pointing fingers at the government and the CDC for not issuing guidance with regards to the virus but the truth is that the industry has for years not operated in a clean safe way, has forced its workers to endure unsafe and in unclean working conditions. 

So my question is simple, why did it take a virus to expose the meatpacking industries unsafe working conditions instead of the FDA and the US Government figuring it out prior to Covid-19 and is the FDA going to step up and enforce change within the industry? 

Cristal M Clark

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Public Must Wear Face Masks in Public? 

Coronavirus Disease 2019 Graphic

Many Retailers and Grocers Fail at Training Employees 

Cristal M Clark 

As states begin to lift stay at home orders and ease restrictions many are asking the public to make sure that they wear face masks when in public places such as supermarkets and retail stores. While this has been happening many of my readers have noted some serious offenders over on the other side of that request. 

Walk through your local supermarket and take note of what you see employees doing, Target, Walmart is by far the worst. Here in Colorado I went to multiple WalMart locations at the request of some of my readers to view in utter amazement of just how poorly employees are being trained with regards for the proper procedures to wear a face mask and gloves. 

king soopers-crimeshop

I began my journey at the beginning of the week and stopped into a few King Soopers here in town, what I saw were employee’s not wearing the masks correctly, some kept pulling them up and down, touching their faces then touching consumer goods, many did not change gloves after handling cash then moving onto the next customer.  What made this even worse is that for the Kings Soopers I visited they offered no clear plastic screen in between the customer and the store clerk during checkout. At one of them I witnessed employees walking out the side door to their car presumably on break to eat, pull the mask down, eat over the mask then pull it back over their mouth and nose and head back into work. 


Target was somewhat better, the employee’s seemed to understand the concept of once you are on shift and your mask is on, you need to leave it on. However, in the parking lot for those that were gathering the carts I witnessed the removal of masks in between pulling carts together, touching their faces with gloved hands, then off to move more carts. 


The worst locations to visit were WalMart, I actually emailed them and offered to for free hold a training class for the majority of the Colorado locations on how to wear PPE. What I witnessed at each store both sickened me but really made me worry about whether or not WalMart cares for their customers much less their employees. At almost every store, employee after employee would fidget with the face masks, touch their faces, body, one gal was itching her armpit before moving her mask back up then went back to stocking consumer grocery items. At one of the hot food counters I saw an employee pull his mask off, stick his head into the hot food grill to pull out some chick while talking to a customer. Several employees who were stocking had the masks all the way pulled down or halfway down, one store in particular was the absolute worst, I went back just to see if the WalMart Corporate office had spoken to them after my message a couple of days ago. They in fact had not. This morning I saw an elderly man monitoring those that were leaving pull his mask down and cough into the air without properly covering his face as customers walked past. That store allows employees to keep drinks and snacks at the check out where I have watched clerks pull the mask down, take a drink, then fidget to pull the mask back up, not change gloves and go right back to handling consumer goods. 

All three stores seemed to lack training in terms of socially distancing. At Walmart this morning when I went back to check, I saw a group of WalMart employees around 6 at the least in a group outside of the exit happily screwing around, some had the mask on, some did not. A customer who was walking in behind me mentioned it loudly as we entered the store as he was in shock. While I understand in some cases due to the nature of shopping, social distancing is not feasible however, wearing the PPE at all times while on shift without touching it, pulling it halfway down, off, and changing gloves is very feasible. 

For the most part, I would not suggest in most cases with the exception of WalMart, that employees are taking this as a joke, they seem pretty serious about it, they are just lacking training. 




Whole Foods, Sprouts and Safeway get an A+. Employees seem to be properly trained, and are not seen moving the mask on and off while on shift, they clean everything constantly, change gloves when they need to so kudos to them. 

The moral here is that if states, cities and municipalities require the general public to wear face masks, I would challenge them to go to the retail shops and grocery stores we shop at and ensure that the employees of those stores are in fact wearing their PPE correctly at all times, ensure that those employees are properly trained and start taking wearing the PPE serious, and who let’s your employee eat and drink food at the checkouts, WalMart needs to knock that shit right off. 

Cristal M Clark

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Colorado Unemployment Update – Accounts Show Funds Paid 


Bank’s Show Funds Have Not Been Released By State

Cristal M Clark 

Since yesterday I’ve received hundreds of calls and emails from concerned unemployment recipients in the state of Colorado, who have approved claims, were getting payments on time and suddenly this week, they are still waiting for payments. Additionally, although the state told the local news outlets over the weekend that the additional $600 per week payments will start being included this week and will be retroactively paid, recipients are not seeing the funds nor are they seeing that information on their MyUi accounts. 

This is the email that was sent to anyone who filed on time on Sunday:


As of this morning, recipients of unemployment have not seen payments hitting bank accounts, when trying to phone the state, no one is getting through. Banks still show the funds have not been released.  

Not everyone has received a stimulus payment as of yet, people were already financially suffering and the State of Colorado is not answering questions. This is such a huge debacle and all people want are answers, when will they see the funds, will this continue to be a problem and when will the additional $600 start being paid? See the issue for many is simple, they have bills to pay, you cannot make payment arrangements on bills because now no one knows when they will receive the funds and the state won’t even answer the phone much less update it’s website with some oh, useful information.  

People are asking on social media about other individuals checking to see if anyone knows what is going on and it seems everyone is at a loss. The state has 72 hours to pay the funds out, business days so if you filed on Sunday, you should have seen the funds hitting your bank accounts yesterday, which is basically what the email the state sent said but folks are seeing nothing. 

This has the potential to blow in the states face should it continue to be a problem. People are already stressed, isolated, and angry. In viewing social media some folks are ready to storm the capital here in Denver because the state is not answering anyone and will not update it’s website with useful information which tends to make an already financially strained and suffering public more willing to take drastic measures because they are under a tremendous amount of stress, this type of situation can cause desperation. 

The state of Colorado needs to be transparent with unemployment recipients, especially if you do not want to be inundated with phone calls, update the website with information explaining to folks what happened, when it will be fixed and when they are actually going to see the extra $600 per week start to go out.  

In the meantime I have urged those seeking answers to hit up the local media which I normally do not do but in this case they have a louder voice than I do, if the state is not going to answer much less put useful information in it’s website perhaps the local media outlets can get some real answers instead of what has been provided just to pacify. 

It used to be if you held a city or state job it was hard to get fired from it, in this day and age I would not count on that, their is no excuse to not give the public adequate, clear and honest information.

Cristal M Clark

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Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman’s Shitshow CNN Interview


Anderson Cooper Can’t Believe What He is Hearing

Cristal M Clark

Okay, I don’t always stick up for anyone in the mainstream media but watching Anderson Cooper try to interview Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman was the most painful onair interview I have ever had the privilege to watch. I posted the CNN headline throughout a lot of my social media accounts and so many individuals responded with personal thoughts of Carolyn Goodman, several thought she was under the influence, others stated they thought that she was batshit crazy, some calling her a shitshow and a complete disgrace, while a few commented that, that is what you get when you vote to make a retired brothel girl to be the mayor of Las Vegas. 

Carolyn-Goodman-Crimeshop - Edited

So here is how things went down, during the interview Mayor Goodwin called for sports arenas, casinos and hotels to be completely opened up all while having absolutely no plan to do so safely during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Yes you did read that right, she has no fucking plan what-so-ever. 


It is important to note that she has recently been calling for casinos to re-open, saying the ones with the most coronavirus infections can then close. She assumes 100 percent of the population are already asymptomatic carriers and argued every single point with Anderson that she possibly could. 

Anderson informed the mayor that she is encouraging hundreds of thousands of people to come to Las Vegas, to patronize casinos and then travel back home after breathing in circulated air and touching slot machines.

“Doesn’t that sound like a virus petri dish?” Cooper stated

To which Goodman’s response was to call Anderson an “alarmist.”

Anderson attempted to show her research from Chinese scientists revealing how the virus spreads in confined spaces, Goodman interrupted to declare that “this isn’t China, this is Las Vegas.”

“Okay, that’s really ignorant,” poor Anderson shot back.


At one point Goodman said she is willing to offer the city as a “control group” if Las Vegas is allowed to reopen. She refused to take any responsibility for anything opening stating that hotels and casinos would need to figure it out. She also went as far as to say she is okay if an establishment had a virus outbreak, and becomes a center for a viral infection, she would be all for the competition to destroy the business with the infection. Wait, TF did she say? Yes she said it. 

Luckily for all involved Goodman actually has no actual authority over the casinos so as to implore they open, still the same how did someone like this end up being the Mayor of Las Vegas? That said to be fair, Anderson did lead in by putting words into her mouth until she finally caved. 


All in all, Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman’s CNN interview with Anderson Cooper was a complete disgrace and I hope that Governor Steve Sisolak has more sense than Goodman. 

Cristal M Clark

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America The Land of Dysfunctional 


Coronavirus Exposes Just How Broken America Really Is

Cristal M Clark 

The Coronavirus has exposed the many things here in America that we have learned to put up with and ignore just as we tend to do when in an unhealthy relationship. Our political system is corrupt, our economy is a train wreck and it has been for a number of years, as citizens we are just as divided as ever and full of hate and rage, and the leading health experts in this country cannot seem to agree. 


Even as I write this tonight, some states are looking to re-open this week, going against the guidelines set forth from the president and his team, while other states have extended the stay at home orders. According to CNN over 60% of the population here in the US is uncomfortable opening states up too soon while over at FoxNews Tucker Carlson is suggesting that that science suggests we not stay inside. 


At least Trump is more calm during his press conferences these days but he needs to grow a pair. Agreeing and urging protesters to carry on is dangerous. Here in Denver, I know an individual who thought she had the virus, while waiting on her test results, she willingly went out to protest on Sunday possibly infecting others. While she did stay in her car, we know she in fact stuck her head out the window to yell and carry on like some deranged lunatic. 


Our economy has left many of us wondering what in the hell and has gotten us thinking about what we really want to do moving forward. The cost of living skyrocketed since 2008 and while people had jobs, wages did not keep in line with the actual cost of living. Our response to the virus was so dysfunctional and full of so much disinformation it wasn’t even funny not to mention, we still are unsure of just how many have been infected. We have business leaders, the president and citizens pushing to open up while we fail to look at our history in terms of rushing to get back to life as we know it and a virus.  


Not even our so-called experts can agree as to whether or not the virus will return in the coming months and should it then what? 


The United States was not prepared for this at all. We have been unable to adapt to our unseen enemy and our inability to agree as a nation to fight it is a rather disgusting image quite honestly.

Covid-19_crimeshop - Edited

I know people who currently have the virus and while it is survivable for many, it is not survivable for all and because we do not have the testing needed so as to test everyone, it is dangerous to assume that it’s okay to go out and carry on as if the virus is not a danger. Anyone can have a weakened immune system and not know it, they do not deserve to be put into harm’s way, the elderly do not either. But until modern medicine can get a grasp on treating the virus or a proper vaccine can be made, the virus is here to stay and could mutate into something much worse. 


We fail at learning to adapt. Most of these hideous protesters fail to realize that things are not going back to normal. Most states are limited numbers of gatherings still, limiting the number of how many can be in any retail establishment at one time, including bars and restaurants, festivals, sporting events and concerts are a no go for the foreseeable future, and most offices have been asked by states to reduce the number of staff in the office by 50% for the foreseeable future. This has damaged our already teetering economy, millions will still be out of work for the foreseeable future and what if, let’s just say the virus continues to hit us hard and we face more shutdowns? 


We as a country and as a society need to find better ways of adapting, to an environment we cannot control. Businesses and owners need to adapt to less greed, because what we have seen out of most from this leaves a lot of us with a rather bad taste in our mouths. We need to adapt in our daily habits. The United States Government needs to take a hard look at mainstream media and the tactics they employ so as to inform the public, part of the reason this is going so very badly is because of the mainstream media. It’s time Donald to do something about that shit show. 

We need to find a new way to survive as a country and a society, but first we need clear, concise, understandable information from all levels of our government and that includes the health experts. 

Cristal M Clark

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Trump Urges Protesters “Liberate”


Protesters Accuse Governors of Overreach

Cristal M Clark 


Protesters everywhere, fighting back against stay at home orders while President Donald Trump urges them to go ahead and protest. His words and actions encourage chaos, pandemonium, civil unrest, violent behaviors and are completely, irrepressible. In short the President of the United States is in fact encouraging war at home. 


History teaches us a great many things about returning to “normal” life too soon in the wake of a deadly virus and Trump seems to blatantly ignore that fact. Trump and those that are protesting might want to take the time to actually do some math. We can and most likely will experience a second peak if we rush back to things, that is because the long delay in someone being asymptomatic running around and spreading it, to the time of actual hospitalization. We will also be looking at facing a third peak. Yes a third peak and that is because just like with any influenza virus, they take the summer months off and mutate into something more horrifying that will greet us just in time for fall and winter. 


Constitutional experts whether protesters like this or not, agree that states are acting perfectly legally so as to preserve life amidst a public health crisis, a pandemic. One’s personal opinion is irrelevant. Period. 


Governors slam Trump’s call to ‘liberate’ states where protesters object to coronavirus restrictions, as they should.  The bottom line is this Donald Trump, should things go to shite which they will if you and your loyalist inept followers continue and you do get your way, it is highly unlikely that you will be voted back into office. 


Testing, we need massive amounts of testing and we are not prepared for the testing we need which is why governors are keeping things shut down, contact testing, antibody testing, and the ability to test for infection. We need to ensure that our healthcare system can handle a resurgence and keep our ventilators close at hand because if we move too quickly and too soon, we are going to fall under the weight of the damage Trump and his following are attempting to cause.  

Cristal M Clark

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Protests Against Stay at Home Orders 


Denver Colorado – Operation Gridlock 

Cristal M Clark 

Have you seen some of the protests calling for an end to stay at home orders? Minnesota, Michigan, Ohio, North Carolina, Utah, Virginia, Kentucky and this weekend, Denver. The protests in Denver are a planned “Operation Gridlock” event around the Capitol building in people’s cars at 1 p.m., the other calling for people to bring signs and stand outside from 2 to 4 p.m. They have been organized by various groups, including Libertarian parties around the metro area. 


Victoria Reynolds, chairwoman of the Libertarian Party of Colorado and a candidate for Douglas County commissioner: “It is the draconian measures from Gov. Jared Polis, local mayors and health departments that have forced people to speak out. We want to send a message to the governor, to mayors, to the federal government even to say: We elected you to represent us. You are our employees, you don’t get to stay working, collecting a paycheck, while you’re putting us all out of work.”

Sometimes when I see groups like this and I listen to what they are saying I sit back and wonder if they have been paying attention to what’s happening? If they think things are going back to the way they were they have been either ignoring the world, have sat drunk through all of this or are just flat out stupid. Things are not going back, that is precisely why the world broke. 


We are all upset however, organizing protests such as these show the true ineptitude of the individuals who are organizing them. Their answer is to endanger the lives of others because they feel that the government is removing basic human rights, the ability to go out, be free, to work…the problem with that mentality is that these people are more or less the type to hide symptoms and risk infecting others just for the sake of being able to do whatever it is they want to do. The type of people who want to incite acts of violence, spread misinformation and fake cures. 

These stay at home orders were not put into place so as to take the rights of citizens away, but to save lives rather. I’ve heard what some of these groups say, they want to open everything up and they believe, if someone gets sick and dies they die, some of them even believe the virus is fake, the government is using it to try to manipulate and control us, they just want to go back to the way things were. 


Again, things are not going back to the way they were. The jobs people had, many employers are only going to bring back half of the staff they had, if at all. People were making good money, but they are not going to be getting that back, companies lost so much from all of this they will not be able to afford to pay what they were, The job market is going to be super competitive and employers know that, they use that to their advantage, this has wiped out over a decade of job growth. To make matters worse, our president supports and encourages these outrageous protests, today tweeting things like liberate. 

These protests accomplish nothing because nothing is going back to the way it was.  

Cristal M Clark

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