Construction Workers Nationwide Being Thrown to the Wolves?

Construction Workers Nationwide Being Thrown to the Wolves?

Denver-Construction-At Risk-Covid-19-crimeshop - Edited

Workers Worried They Are at Higher Risk of Catching Covid-19

Cristal M Clark 

One of our nations essential workforce no one is talking about are our construction workers who are in most states being considered essential employees. These men and women are among the least protected of all work forces.

They often times do not have quick access to soap an water while on the job site, many are forced to share a porta-potty and if you have ever been in one those cleanliness is not a priority. Some sites have 50 or more workers, they work in close contact with one another all day. The workers go from the job to a food truck or to the nearest gas station for foods during breaks and lunch, having not properly washed their hands. The White House asked many construction companies to donate their stock of N95 masks to help alleviate shortages at local medical facilities and that leaves workers exposed to a plethora of things including Covid-19. On bigger jobs where they do interior work they are often times confining as many as five to 10 people into small interior spaces. A few times while driving in and around Denver the past couple of weeks, workers will be gathered outside in large groups.

Denver-Construction-Workers-At Risk-Covid-19-crimeshop - Edited

All of this is leaving many workers to begin to worry for their own well being and safety not to mention that many of these workers go home to families whose ages range from young to elderly. These men and women can get the virus, carry it over to the food truck, or to the gas station, home and then the family who does the grocery shopping can carry it into public, every person they come into contact with will pass the virus.

So as we look to get a good distance ahead of the virus, what are we doing as a nation to protect those that actually do the building of our nation?

Cristal M Clark

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