Empty Hospital Video’s Flood Social Media 

Empty Hospital Video’s Flood Social Media 


Conspiracy Theorists Hit Social Media Claiming Virus is Fake

Cristal M Clark 

I have a love/hate relationship with  conspiracy theories because they are either amusing or are just bat shit crazy theories that I just can’t pay much mind to them. 

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Has anyone seen some of the videos flooding social media showing empty hospitals? Yesterday while scrolling through Facebook I saw several of them show up in my feed, one from someone here in Denver who went to Saint Joseph’s hospital showing a video of an empty parking lot. The individual who shot the video stated that he went into the hospital and that it was fairly empty. Which, I would argue because if you are wandering around any hospital someone is going to stop you and ask if you need help and you can’t get into the ER without going through security so I am skeptical of the videos. 

Yesterday Colorado had under 200 confirmed dead, we are under 5k infected as of right now, and our population in Colorado is roughly 5.76 million. So no, not all hospitals will be overrun with patients, especially when you consider not everyone who gets the virus will need to go to the hospital, I didn’t. 

The videos are an attempt to show us, the viewer, that we are being lied to. But not every state reports that they are treating millions in the hospital hence the stay at home orders. That is precisely what states are trying to avoid. 

What I am learning from them however is it’s a growing movement, people are feeling held down by the man and are wanting to fight it, posting conspiracy theories in the hopes that more and more individuals will become part of some attempt to break the rules, overrun the government and then what no one knows really. 

Some of us believe we already had Covid-19 when studying all the symptoms and how ill we became but not everyone is or has been tested for it so let me assure you, it is not fake. Besides what government wants to collectively cause its own country’s economic collapse not to mention it’s a worldwide pandemic so are these conspiracies somehow tied to the supposed New World Order?

Other theories are that the virus was man made either by China or someone else and released in China in an attempt to rid itself from its aging population or released worldwide by China as an act of war which shocks me, coronaviruses have been around for ages really and from time to time do jump from animal to human, that’s called evolution. 

Another popular conspiracy theory is that the virus was released by the democratic party here in the US after having lost its bid to remove Donald Trump from the Oval Office. I almost spat out my coffee upon seeing that one. 

Then we have the flu, the seasonal flu folks, more people died last year of the just the seasonal flu, this is not a real pandemic it’s about control, taking our rights away. This is not the seasonal flu, maybe it has not killed as many yet, the problem with the way the seasonal flu folks think is that they fail to look at the science. 

Another popular theory going around social media doesn’t give a lot of information but leaves it the reader to interpret in a very anti-government type of way. That theory states, the numbers don’t add up, something more is going on here. Hmmm okay. 


Social media is a breeding ground for conspiracy to grow and breed and right now it’s spreading like a wildfire and the longer we fail, our leaders fail to come up with a long term game plan, the more restless society will become and that increases the likelihood some of these far fetched theories will gain believers. Dr. Anthony Fauci has said we may need to look at Covid-19 as seasonal, without a vaccine against it he is right about that. 

So to our leadership in this country, we need to find a reasonable long term game plan, how are we going to protect ourselves and each other and still have a thriving economy? 

The longer businesses stay closed or short staffed the less likely they will reopen or bring back the staff they laid off due to lost revenue from this. 

While I love seeing the daily press conferences all over the nation from our leaders, they need to start by coming up with a game plan instead of reiterating the same thing over and over again. 

Life isn’t getting back to the old normal, we need to figure out what the new normal will be. 

Cristal M Clark 

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