Heroin Dealers – Business is Booming During Forced Lockdown

Heroin Dealers – Business is Booming During Forced Lockdown


Dealers Now Disguise Themselves To Sell Heroin to Desperate Users

Cristal M Clark 

We all have a vice, according to my social media it seems that for the vast majority those vices are alcohol and overeating since worldwide we’ve all pretty much been told to stay home. But for some that vice would be heroin, crack, cocaine and since virtually everyone is under stay at home orders, just how in the hell is one going to buy said heroin, crack or cocaine because last time I checked, drugs are not considered essential?

For those looking to score some heroin, crack or cocaine it seems that dealers have gotten creative during lockdown season. Dealers have taken to wearing disguises, that’s right they are now dressing as nurses, runners, and regular everyday locked down people who just need to be outdoors or who just want to defy those pesky stay at home orders. Some of the dealers are dressing in delivery uniforms, dawning grocery store worker attire, hell it’s easy to create an Uber Eats window decal, the point is, dealers have adapted and rather quickly to our new environment of social distancing. What’s more is that the dealers have even adopted policies so as to have “no contact” deliveries and exchanging of funds in an effort to cut down on the risk of contracting Covid-19. 

Suffice it to say that if drug dealers are finding a way you can rest assured the rest of us will too, we’ll just be more broke than the drug dealers whilst finding the way once all of this is over. 

Cristal M Clark

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