What American’s Want Our Leaders to Know During Statewide Lockdown

What American’s Want Our Leaders to Know During Statewide Lockdowns

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American’s Wondering Where The Leader of The United States Is? 

Cristal M Clark 

It seems that since the start of the Covid-19 worldwide spread our leaders here in the US cannot seem to come up with a single, solid plan as a group of leaders. The President says one thing, sometimes Tweeting or going on and on in a news conference like a babbling idiot, whilst his own team moves off into an entirely different direction. State Governors and Mayors in most cases are stricken with a difference of opinion when it comes to lifting statewide stay at home orders. 

Two days ago, headline after headline claimed we hit the peak, then yesterday and this morning headlines varied depending on where you live. People were urged to wear a face mask and the media jumped on headline after headline to tattle on those that did not wear one, why half the population wearing them isn’t even bothering to wear them correctly. 

Accusations about where the virus actually originated are flying about and honestly, we don’t have the time to be worried about that when millions are wondering how to pay the bills. 

Stroll through social media and if you think we’ve seen our worst weeks, the longer the worldwide economy is shut down and people do not know what the plan for the US or world will be in order to get us back to working, the more likely public unrest will be unavoidable. 

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The media through all it’s efforts has made this worse, trying to pretend that they care when they don’t, it’s all advertising dollars to them. 

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The leadership in this country is absolutely deplorable, come together as a team, make a solid plan and walk us, the citizens to through that comprehensive plan about how we are getting people back to work rather than the completely useless daily news conferences that serve only as a reminder to stay at home. Start learning to work together for the good of our nation and worry about your agenda’s and political differences later.

Where is the leader of the United States? You cannot have direction from the President indicating one thing while his own team carries an entirely different opinion then have states and cities feel differently. Now is the time to lead us as one nation, not 50 different states and countless politicians doing whatever they want and  bickering over bullshit that simply does not matter right now.  

It’s called a well thought out game plan, the stimulus for employers did nothing to guarantee workers will still have jobs to actually return to and came too late in the game. So we will see the return to work workforce at least 50% less than what it was if not more because some small businesses will not make it through this while others who will make it, will be unable to hire back laid off workers for some time due to the economic shutdown while the cost of living is going to have to make adjustments so all of the new construction we are seeing is unlikely going to reap in the economic reward it was supposed to as the workforce that does return to work, will unlikely be hired back at what they had been making. 


American’s overwhelmingly want our leaders to come together and start addressing the issues caused by their failures with regards to addressing the virus what’s more we’d like to know where the fuck our president is? His leadership on this gets an F for failure, letting an entire country down, failing those that voted him into office. 

It is time for our President to bring every governor and mayor together and come up with a plan for what states are going to actually do. 

Cristal M Clark

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