Frustration Mounts – States Looking at Becoming Less Restrictive


Frustration Mounts – States Looking at Becoming Less Restrictive


Donald Trump Gets Into Pissing Match with State and Local Governments 

Cristal M Clark 


As states and local governments start to look at becoming less restrictive, US President Donald Trump continues his pissing match efforts with local governments. Trump seems to feel that he is the only one that can order statewide stay at home orders removed and to force governments to open back up rather than spearheading the project and getting all states and local governments to work together and come up with a plan. 

New York Governor Cuomo will be working with his bordering states to come up with a game plan on their own rather than wait on Trump to get the clear idea that everyone has to work together. He is not a hero, in fact it was he and his team that allowed for this to get as bad as it did so maybe he needs to step aside and watch more true leaders do what they do best and take a lesson for once. 

We’ve all been wondering where our president has been and the second he opens his mouth he insists re-oping the country is up to him but truthfully its not, he has not done much in the way of actually leading through this whole ordeal. 

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The problem that citizens find frustrating is that as we’ve all known not everything will be coming back all at once. Not all restrictions will be removed all at once because we will still face the threat of the virus, just because we hit the curve in some places does not mean that its over. It isn’t over, if we make a mad rush to get back to everything all at once we face a much more deadly rate of infection than we have seen. Things have to come back, little by little since we do not have the ability yet to test everyone to see who has had it and who hasn’t. 

Many industry experts do not anticipate things getting back to normal for a longer time than originally anticipated. In China and Japan a rush to get back to normal is now causing some issues as reports of new infections are surfacing, while other reports are indicating that some who had already been infected are reinfected. So while we all want to just jump back in, we need to do it feet first not head first and that is something all of our leaders need to be thinking about as well as a very large and out of work population. Remember the longer we keep strict restrictions the longer employers cannot bring staff back, pay their own bills and move forward so it is a very delicate balancing act. Some companies are already closing for good being unable to handle being shut down for two full months. 

The president should take note of all of that and start working with the senate and congress and develop ways to help the large amount of individuals who will remain out of work once states do start to come back since it is looking like not everyone will be returning to work all at once. 

Governors will need to work together to come up with a game plan to bring states back little by little while Trump and his goons need to come with a game plan so as to ensure people are not losing homes, cars, and the the ability to purchase food and to pay bills. 

Cristal M Clark

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