Donald Trump Unhinged 

Donald Trump Unhinged 


Donald Trump’s Showing Mental Instability  

Cristal M Clark 

Like me, if you’ve seen the news and read Donald Trump’s Tweets the last couple of days you are seeing his delusional mental instability, his sense of grandeur, his obsession with being the hero, behaving like a narcissist because he has lost control over others. At the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic Trump opted to take a back seat allowing state and local governments to decide how to handle things, which legally and constitutionally is the correct thing to do, but what Trump failed to do is, stand up and be a true leader, a leader takes his experts to state and local governments and they lead as partnerships, one fluid team. 


What Trump did was, refuse to listen to his own health experts, said it wasn’t real, said it was contained, said it would disappear, blamed Democrats, shared his own personal thoughts and feelings on the subject rather than scientific facts, at one point overruled his own scientists, and failed to lead with state and local governments.  

Donald Trump failed from the onset and went as far as to make a propaganda video depicting he’s handled this great so far but they left out an entire month, February in which he failed and ignored the issue at every turn, so why and how could we possibly trust his judgement right now? We simply cannot. 


State and local governments asked for Trump to help at the onset and he opted not to do give guidance and support, he was no part of state and local government action plans, now he is throwing one hell of a temper tantrum over the fact that states and local governments are stepping up to be the heroes here. 

Trump’s feelings of grandeur show in his comments claiming that the president, only he could lift state restrictions. I’m sorry but we didn’t elect a dictator nor a king, he may be the president but he’s never bothered to learn our constitution so…

What Trump should be doing is working with the Senate and Congress to ensure that while the economy slowly starts the citizens left out of work do not lose everything. Be a leader by actually working with state and local governments, be the cheerleader, assure american’s that team Trump is working with all of the players to make sure no citizen who lost income over this is left behind. They are making sure state and local governments have what they need from the administration, not going live on TV to tell us how popular you are on FaceBook, dumbass go look at FaceBook, you are popular on it but not in a good way. Stop patting yourself on the back, you earned an F on this already. 

Basically, lead the country in a classy way not a trashy way. Trump gets no credit, he is not the hero here and should be taking a lesson from the states that have elected to work together as one fluid team from each coast. The best way a leader can lead, is to work with his team not against them. 


In short, stop being a manchild and be an actual leader clearly some of your team doesn’t have the balls to stand up to you and guide you to make better fit throwing choices, they seem to enjoy seeing you Donald Trump go live on anything and humiliate yourself. 

Cristal M Clark

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