Trump Urges Protesters “Liberate”

Trump Urges Protesters “Liberate”


Protesters Accuse Governors of Overreach

Cristal M Clark 


Protesters everywhere, fighting back against stay at home orders while President Donald Trump urges them to go ahead and protest. His words and actions encourage chaos, pandemonium, civil unrest, violent behaviors and are completely, irrepressible. In short the President of the United States is in fact encouraging war at home. 


History teaches us a great many things about returning to “normal” life too soon in the wake of a deadly virus and Trump seems to blatantly ignore that fact. Trump and those that are protesting might want to take the time to actually do some math. We can and most likely will experience a second peak if we rush back to things, that is because the long delay in someone being asymptomatic running around and spreading it, to the time of actual hospitalization. We will also be looking at facing a third peak. Yes a third peak and that is because just like with any influenza virus, they take the summer months off and mutate into something more horrifying that will greet us just in time for fall and winter. 


Constitutional experts whether protesters like this or not, agree that states are acting perfectly legally so as to preserve life amidst a public health crisis, a pandemic. One’s personal opinion is irrelevant. Period. 


Governors slam Trump’s call to ‘liberate’ states where protesters object to coronavirus restrictions, as they should.  The bottom line is this Donald Trump, should things go to shite which they will if you and your loyalist inept followers continue and you do get your way, it is highly unlikely that you will be voted back into office. 


Testing, we need massive amounts of testing and we are not prepared for the testing we need which is why governors are keeping things shut down, contact testing, antibody testing, and the ability to test for infection. We need to ensure that our healthcare system can handle a resurgence and keep our ventilators close at hand because if we move too quickly and too soon, we are going to fall under the weight of the damage Trump and his following are attempting to cause.  

Cristal M Clark

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