Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman’s Shitshow CNN Interview

Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman’s Shitshow CNN Interview


Anderson Cooper Can’t Believe What He is Hearing

Cristal M Clark

Okay, I don’t always stick up for anyone in the mainstream media but watching Anderson Cooper try to interview Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman was the most painful onair interview I have ever had the privilege to watch. I posted the CNN headline throughout a lot of my social media accounts and so many individuals responded with personal thoughts of Carolyn Goodman, several thought she was under the influence, others stated they thought that she was batshit crazy, some calling her a shitshow and a complete disgrace, while a few commented that, that is what you get when you vote to make a retired brothel girl to be the mayor of Las Vegas. 

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So here is how things went down, during the interview Mayor Goodwin called for sports arenas, casinos and hotels to be completely opened up all while having absolutely no plan to do so safely during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Yes you did read that right, she has no fucking plan what-so-ever. 


It is important to note that she has recently been calling for casinos to re-open, saying the ones with the most coronavirus infections can then close. She assumes 100 percent of the population are already asymptomatic carriers and argued every single point with Anderson that she possibly could. 

Anderson informed the mayor that she is encouraging hundreds of thousands of people to come to Las Vegas, to patronize casinos and then travel back home after breathing in circulated air and touching slot machines.

“Doesn’t that sound like a virus petri dish?” Cooper stated

To which Goodman’s response was to call Anderson an “alarmist.”

Anderson attempted to show her research from Chinese scientists revealing how the virus spreads in confined spaces, Goodman interrupted to declare that “this isn’t China, this is Las Vegas.”

“Okay, that’s really ignorant,” poor Anderson shot back.


At one point Goodman said she is willing to offer the city as a “control group” if Las Vegas is allowed to reopen. She refused to take any responsibility for anything opening stating that hotels and casinos would need to figure it out. She also went as far as to say she is okay if an establishment had a virus outbreak, and becomes a center for a viral infection, she would be all for the competition to destroy the business with the infection. Wait, TF did she say? Yes she said it. 

Luckily for all involved Goodman actually has no actual authority over the casinos so as to implore they open, still the same how did someone like this end up being the Mayor of Las Vegas? That said to be fair, Anderson did lead in by putting words into her mouth until she finally caved. 


All in all, Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman’s CNN interview with Anderson Cooper was a complete disgrace and I hope that Governor Steve Sisolak has more sense than Goodman. 

Cristal M Clark

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