Coronavirus Heroin Anyone?

Coronavirus Heroin Anyone?

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Bronx – New York 

Cristal M Clark 

I was wondering when we would start marketing campaigns geared towards the pandemic. Covid-19 Micro-Brew, the Rona Burger, Coronavirus Fries, you get the picture. I did not expect something like Heroin to be labeled as “Coronavirus.”


I am guessing that the NYPD was just as surprised to see it as well. Turns out some quick thinking drug dealers got their marketing game on and started selling heroin in glassine packets stamped with the word “Coronavirus” next to a biohazard symbol.


I have to hand it to them for the creativity here. I mean they beat some of the world’s leading ad agencies to the punch line on this one. 

The NYPD stumbled upon a Bronx heroin/fentanyl packaging mill where they were shocked to learn, produced more than $1 million worth of individual dose envelopes stamped “Coronavirus,” “24 Black Mamba,” “Hiroshima,” “Isis,” “Antrax” and “95.”

Damn these guys are killing it with the clever marketing. 

According to York DEA Special Agent in Charge Ray Donovan 


“We arrested six drug traffickers who aptly branded their product ‘coronavirus. Traffickers market their drugs like businesses, branding their product with stamps to attract users, like ’24 Black Mamba’; or use an ‘Antrax’ stamp to designate origins and reference enforcer gangs of the Sinaloa Cartel.”

It is important to note that brand of heroin, and the “24 Black Mamba” heroin have been associated with multiple fatal overdoses in New Jersey but the source of the heroin has not been discovered yet. 

Since New York has faced some really strict lockdown measures it wasn’t too difficult for cops to figure out what was up after they witnessed a drug hand-off near the George Washington Bridge Thursday night, after they found the branded drugs in a Bronx apartment.

At the end of the day, The raid resulted in the seizure of $25,000 cash, 120,000 packets of heroin or fentanyl, drug-packaging equipment and ink pads used to stamp the glassine packets.

Cristal M Clark

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