Coronavirus Contact Tracing Apps Are Coming

Coronavirus Contact Tracing Apps Are Coming 

Swiss army tests proximity tracing app, Lausanne, Switzerland - 24 Apr 2020

Turning the World Into a Surveillance State 

Cristal M Clark 

That’s right, contact tracing apps are coming, in fact if you have watched any news programs recently you might have noticed that state and local governments are able to provide and see mobile device data showing where we are complying with lockdown orders or not. 


I bet a lot of folks missed that one, when I mentioned it online earlier today quite a few heads spun. Believe it or not it is still not an infringement on anyone’s rights. If you obtain the virus those that you potentially infected have rights as well, and one of those rights would be the right to know they have been in contact with someone who was infected with Covid-19. 

It amazes me how words like communism, communist state, infringements and constitutional rights are being tossed around like any of that matters to the individuals spewing those words. What about the other half of the population who would prefer not to catch the virus, they have the same rights as those that are anti everything. Maybe instead of having tantrums over shutdowns and masks these individuals can help come up with solutions because the pain we all felt as our economy bottomed out should be enough to tell all of you that the reason it happened is because our economy was not built in a way so as to sustain any actual life. 


Now, as the contact tracing apps start rolling out, we will start hearing part of the population accuse the system of making this a surveillance country and insist rights are being taken away, the US is in violation of the constitution. The truth is, only health organizations will have access to the data provided by the apps so that individuals can be warned of contact with an infected person. 

Like it or not, these apps are going to roll out and my gut tells me that Android and IOS will roll out an update carrying said apps. You are not going to have a choice and judging by some of the outrageous behaviors I am seeing from anyone not wanting to comply with safety measures currently, that will be a smart decision.  

And that will change the way of the entire world because those apps are going to be rolling out worldwide. We have to be able to trace this virus down, we must have the capability to inform anyone who might have been in contact with someone who had the virus because we must protect the vulnerable who would otherwise die should they get the virus. 

The ugly truth is, a vaccine may never stop the virus just like the flu that shows up every year, those that were infected may become infected again and some can carry the virus well past it’s initial life expectancy. The reason we need all of this is because if you think this virus is bad, just wait for the next one to hit. You can’t stop that and we must be ready for the next one by implementing safety measures that are designed to protect. 

Cristal M Clark

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