You Survived Covid-19 – Why Are You Still Not Well?

You Survived Covid-19 – Why Are You Still Not Well?


Virus Survivors Suffering Debilitating Health Issues

Cristal M Clark 

Coronavirus is changing the way the world lives, works, shops and attends schools, events and church, which is starting to anger many. Some even tout that they survived the virus so what? Right, so what? Well, new research suggests that those who have survived are showing signs of just how badly the virus ravaged their organs without the individual realizing it. Doctors have been saying how shocked they are to see a patient with oxygen levels so low the patient shouldn’t be talking, standing or sitting but is. Now we are learning just how badly the virus attacks us. 


The coronavirus is now known to attack several organs in the body beyond the respiratory system, causing damage from the eyeballs to the toes, the digestive system, the kidneys, the liver and in some cases nerves. Our immune systems tend to go into overdrive just to fight off the infection, compounding the damage done. 

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To make matters worse, we are also finding that some children who survived the virus are showing signs of another entirely different infection after the fact that is suspected to be tied directly to the Coronavirus. Health officials are racing to understand it and find ways of preventing it. 

The virus is now being dubbed an organ killer. Patients who have survived are showing signs of decreased lung, kidney and liver function, continued fatigue and continued pain months after having had the virus. 

According to one study, survivors of severe acute respiratory syndrome or SARS, suffered lung infections, higher cholesterol levels and were falling sick more frequently than others for as long as 12 years after the epidemic and research has just now begun for the Covid-19 survivors.  


These issues could play a much larger role in determining how we address social distancing rules, reopen eateries, schools, events and the like because public health officials say there’s a possibility the virus may become a seasonal affliction. 

The other crucial and more important thing this all highlights is that if you have been infected, you may not be immune to the virus and are more likely to become considered someone who has a compromised immune system as the virus hits in second and third waves. 


That information in and of itself should give the president the chills and cause him to pause in his rush to reopen everything, he needs to do this the smart way not in a way that will result in more death and misery. I get that we need to get things rolling but perhaps it is time for the president to invite others to the table, people who will provide sustainable, long term solutions to help get the country back up and running because right now, all he and those he is listening to are hearing are the sounds of bills passing hands and greed. 

Some of us have been part of meetings on smaller scales and are coming up with sustainable long terms plans because we are looking at the science. It’s time that US President Donald Trump, start working towards a plan B. 

Cristal M Clark

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