Donald Trump and His Team Dealt Crucial Blows Today

Donald Trump and His Team Dealt Crucial Blows Today


Time Magazine’s New Cover to Dr. Rick Bright’s Testimony 

Cristal M Clark 

Today was not a good day for US President Donald Trump and his Coronavirus Response team, they were dealt multiple blows today, Dr. Rick Bright’s testimony to Congress with regards to this administration’s response to coronavirus to Time Magazine’s scathing new cover with regards to Trump’s order to open the United States Back up. 

Time’s cover story,  titled “There Are Sensible Ways to Reopen a Country. Then There’s America’s Approach.”


The story more or less rips Trump and his administration’s fumbled and foolish response to the public health crisis along with the administration’s  blatant and total disregard for the health, safety and welfare of this nation’s citizens. 


It also explains how the U.S. “risks making matters worse” as dozens of states prepare to ease lockdown restrictions aimed at slowing the spread of the contagion.

And to back up Time Magazine’s editorial – ousted top Health and Human Services official Dr. Rick Bright, who testified today before Congress that the Trump administration’s timeline for a coronavirus vaccine is likely too optimistic, unrealistic and that there’s “no plan” to mass produce and distribute one.


Dr. Bright did not just stop at that either. He had quite a bit to say today. Dr. Bright informed Congress that he had warned the administration about shortages of personal protective equipment and that he faulted President Donald Trump and senior officials for having minimized the outbreak early on – which had deadly consequences.

He warned against opening up too quickly and without any real plan, each state, city and municipality is running wild and doing things differently. He expressed deep concern over the United States not having a unified plan so as to reopen states and worried that will have even more deadly consequences. 

But Dr. Bright’s concerns were previously met with complete incompetence and blatant ignorance. 

“I believe Americans need to be told the truth, we did not forewarn people. We did not train people. We did not educate them on social distancing and wearing a mask as we should have in January and February. All those forewarnings, all those educational opportunities, for the American public could have had an impact in further slowing this outbreak and saving more lives.”

Dr. Bright testified that he raised red flags about the lack of N95 masks in the national stockpile in January which helped lead to a shortage in protective equipment for health care workers. As a result, he said, “lives were endangered, and I believe lives were lost.”

“Not only that, we were forced to procure the supplies from other countries without the right quality standards, so even our doctors and nurses in the hospitals today are wearing N95-marked masks from other countries that are not providing the sufficient protection that a U.S.-standard N95 mask would provide them.” 

Dr. Bright warned lawmakers that even if one could be ready, there’s no strategy for mass production.

“If you can imagine the scenario this fall or winter, maybe even early next spring, when the vaccine becomes available, there’s no one company that can produce enough for our country or for the world. It’s going to be limited supplies, we need to have a strategy and plan in place now to make sure that we can not only fill that vaccine, make it, distribute it, but administer it in a fair and equitable plan.”

“We do not have that yet, and it is a significant concern,” he said.

He also warned that the administration needs to develop a comprehensive, well-implemented national response plan heading into the fall. Without one, he said, the coronavirus outbreak could combine with the seasonal flu later this year to create “the darkest winter in modern history.”

In closing Dr. Bright had this to say: “Our window of opportunity is closing if we fail to develop a national coordinated response, based in science, I fear the pandemic will get far worse and be prolonged, causing unprecedented illness and fatalities.”

Dr. Bright is not wrong, at every turn Trump and his administration have failed, have provided misleading information, tout theory as scientific fact and have shown a blatant disregard to the lives of the people of this nation. Trump and his administration will go against the orders of his health experts and then sit around and pretend shit is not falling apart when it is. Dr. Bright hit the nail on the head in his closing argument to Congress today, what’s more in watching the hearing very few in Congress seemed to be on Donald Trump and his administration’s side. 

I actually watched the testimony in its entirety in shock. Our US President is putting lives in danger and does not give a shit at all. He did not when Coronavirus started and he hasn’t changed his mind at all. On social media citizens are voicing deep concerns over Trump and his administration’s handling of the Virus as well as concern over Governors and Mayors who are utilizing so called experts that don’t really know shit about day to day life like the rest of us. 

As this week comes to a close I would imagine Trump and his administration will be rife with snide, rude and insulting remarks about Dr. Bright and Time Magazine, because they know everything each said, is the absolute truth and nothing but that. 

Cristal M Clark

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