Donald Trump Fails the United States – Again

Donald Trump Fails the United States – Again

Leadership Not Part of the Donald Trump Playbook 

Cristal M Clark 

This morning in a teleconference with leaders across the US Trump attempted to bully his way through the call where the leaders truly needed support, understanding, empathy for their citizens and some understanding of the situation amid the protests sweeping now the entire world. 

The role of a President is to lead his or her nation in good times and bad, through a crisis whether it be a health crisis such as Covid-19, or protests. Obama never fled to a secret bunker when protesters took to the streets, no he got up and pleaded with a grieving nation to stop the violence, he led us, you know like a leader should do. 

Today, Trump had harsh, sometimes incoherent words for the leaders in states where protests turned violent over the weekend, calling them weak for not utilizing the National Guard. Trump’s absolute failure to understand how things work in real life is truly amazing to me. He seems to feel that states maintain order by using brute force, the very thing we are all against because it can potentially end up in more senseless deaths. 

Trump has failed to address the nation and vow to end police brutality, much less suggest that it is time for racism to stop.

Our nation is sick, grieving and angry. What’s more is that we again see just how divided we are.  When we needed real leadership over the weekend, in the White House our coward of a President hid in a bunker and the lights of the White House were turned off, like people do when they don’t want to hand out halloween candy. 

Well Donald, this is not Halloween. 

Trump’s Twitter feed has been it’s normal shit show of course. Trump has attacked Joe Biden, reporters, insulted leaders on the front lines of protests, and claimed federal authority he doesn’t have. He made a comment about “when the looting starts, the shooting starts,” then claimed ignorance and the true meaning behind that statement. 

This is a man who has been sued for his racism well before he became president, he is a known sexist, bigot and racist. 

To be fair Trump initially condemned George Floyd’s killing, but since then there have been no statements intended to quell anger, bridge divisions, or heal the wounds that have been bleeding for decades. There have been no public appearances, either except that Trump traveled all the way to Florida to watch a SpaceX rocket launch on Saturday, but hasn’t quite managed to travel in front of cameras for a formal statement.

Leaders across the globe have been watching Trump’s failures this year, Covid-19, these protests and are referring to him as deranged and an idiot, and I have to say I couldn’t agree more. 

As all of this continues the worry from many is that Trump is going to make matters much, much worse. Trump is a loose cannon who lacks empathy, he is a disgrace who seems to like to see our nation so deeply divided through police brutality and racism. 

Police across the nation however are choosing to stand alongside protesters, marching with them, kneeling with them, supporting the movement which is highly commendable. Trump has urged both police and the national guard to harm protesters instead of attempting to bring the nation together, no because Donald Trump likes to see us divided, if you will recall one of his largest followings is gun toting racist scum. And he doesn’t want to lose those votes. 

Trump is our biggest challenge as we face this but this does give Biden a chance – it did appear after all that he stood no chance but if he can rise above through this and prove that he can lead a nation that is so deeply hurt and divided, Trump’s days are numbered as the President of the United States. 

Cristal M Clark

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