Operation Warp Speed – Unlikely, Dangerous and Irresponsible

Operation Warp Speed – Unlikely, Dangerous and Irresponsible

Coronavirus Vaccine Highly Unlikely by Election Time

Cristal M Clark 

Trump is pushing the idea that we will be seeing a Coronavirus Vaccine by the end of the year, although he is pushing the scientific community for results by October all so that he can win the election. That math does add up, push for a vaccine, be hailed as a hero. Then once you win the election in November, millions start dying, because of a vaccine you touted, promised and bullied to get?  

That could spell some fairly deadly consequences but what it also spells is just how little the man sitting in the oval office values the lives of American Citizens. Whats more is that the notion of fast tracking a vaccine is highly unlikely if you were to ask prominent health experts and veteran vaccine developers who agree that it is rather unlikely without some type of a miracle.

Dr. Stanley Plotkin, credited with inventing a rubella vaccine in 1964, said developing a vaccine in a year to a year and half was “feasible,” but dependent on the efficacy of the vaccines currently in development and on the ability to mass produce them. 

“In the best of circumstances, we should have a vaccine or let’s say vaccines between 12 and 18 months, whether those circumstances will be the best or not, we don’t know.”

Who can forget that Trump’s own top infectious disease expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci, told the “Today” show that January 2021 is the earliest a vaccine could be ready, but cautioned that that timeline is “aspirational” and it also depends on companies producing a vaccine before researchers are sure it will work.

Not to mention FDA licensing typically takes years to conduct the large population studies needed to prove its safety so Trump’s promise is simply not feasible and could be quite deadly if he can manage for force someone’s hand. 

It is completely irresponsible and dangerous to play around with a vaccine just so that one can win an election. I am far from being an anti-vaxxer, I believe in vaccines but when you attempt to bully your way through the scientific community to try to “make” them get a vaccine ready before it’s time just so you can win the election, I believe it is dangerous, irresponsible and could arrive just in time to kill ones voters. 

Trump is a coward, a deranged lunatic and he promised a wall and managed to build one around the White House out of fear of protesters, Trump failed all of us with the Coronavirus and shut down the country too late to stop the spread, spews hatred and vile accusations at victims, reporters and anyone who does not agree with him, he is a sexist, a bigot, and a known racist. 

Would you agree to get a vaccine Trump is pushing to make happen knowing how little he cares for any of us in the United States?

Cristal M Clark


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