Coronavirus Infections Surge Across the United States

Coronavirus Infections Surge Across the United States 

Leaving Questions Unanswered  

Cristal M Clark 

The numbers of those infected with the novel Covid-19 virus have surged as states reopen and amid the mass protests that are sweeping the nation. Within the last week 21 states have seen an increase in their average daily new coronavirus cases since reopening. 

Those states are: Wyoming, Hawaii, Alabama, Oregon, South Carolina, Oklahoma, Nevada, Florida, Arizona, Arkansas, Montana, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Dakota, Alaska, Texas, Vermont, Georgia, Washington and California.

Florida reported 69,069 cumulative cases Thursday, which is higher by 2.5% from the previous day. The 7 day total of 8,886 is the most since the pandemic began.

Florida is not alone sadly, Alabama, Oregon and South Carolina are also reporting some of the biggest increases. Alabama saw a 92% change in its seven-day average, while Oregon’s seven-day average was up 83.8% and South Carolina’s was up 60.3%. 

Along with the increase in infection rates, states are seeing an increase in hospitalizations, which is cause for concern. As more and more individuals become infected and spread the virus, more and more are getting sick enough to go to the hospital, which increases the chance of hospitals not being able to handle the number sick as they head in for treatment. 

Since states have started to ease stay at home orders and allow for businesses to reopen, we’ve seen inconsistencies, some states are reopening more than others and along with that people have started to ignore social distancing rules, not wearing face masks, gathering in large crowds and of course travel throughout the US. 

Then we add in the mass protests sweeping the nation and it is all fueling the fire. 

The good news is that most states are unwilling to shut down again due to the budget shortfall the nationwide shutdown caused them. The bad news is that because of the damage to the economy, more and more companies are not hiring back the workforce that they had prior to statewide shutdowns, which gives people the opportunity to go to protests, rallies, riots and the like. 

The biggest unanswered question here is why do many experts still believe that we are going to see another wave of the virus in the fall? Is that not what’s happening now? As more and more become infected by fall we may just very well hit herd immunity, if someone who had the infection is immune to it for a year or two. 

While that question is logical it’s the fact that some states have reopened pretty much everything with very lax social distancing and safety measures in place. While other states that have reopened but not fully, have more strict rules in place, so we could see yet another wave in the fall and winter months.  

The concern for many states of course our most vulnerable population, how do we protect them or do we isolate them until a vaccine is created? 

Unfortunately, isolating our most vulnerable population may be what we have to do if we are going to create jobs and get out of the recession. I know that people do not like that as an answer but we as a nation need to consider it as well as practice safety measures for the rest of us so that we do not overburden our healthcare system. 

Cristal M Clark

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