Disgraced California Attorney Strangles Woman Throws her Overboard Cruise Ship

Disgraced California Attorney Strangles Woman Throws her Overboard Cruise Ship

Lonni Kocontes Kills Ex-Wife for Money

Cristal M Clark 

Ahhh love when it’s good it’s a love story, when it’s soured and you add in the possibility of monetary gain, it becomes a story for the Oxygen Channel.

62-year old Lonni Kocontes was convicted this week of murdering his ex-wife, 52-year-old ex-wife Micki Kanesaki by way of strangling her and then discarding her body by tossing her overboard whilst on a cruise ship during a Mediterranean cruise. 

Here’s how prosecutors painted the picture: Lonni Kocontes and his wife flew to Spain and boarded the cruise ship on May 21, 2006. Four days later, the couple took a day trip to the town of Messina, Italy, and then returned to the ship. Micki Kanesaki was last seen alive on the ship around 11 p.m.

Prosecutors alleged that Lonni Kocontes strangled his wife later that night and then threw her body overboard. He later reported her missing and returned to California on May 27. Oddly that was the same day his wife’s body was found floating off the coast of Paola, Italy.

Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer: “The defendant thought he committed the perfect crime by throwing the victim overboard from the balcony of a cruise ship in the middle of the ocean.”

Todd did not stop there: “But he made a mistake. Despite all of his painstaking planning to pick the perfect ship, the perfect room and the perfect time to commit a murder, the fact that he strangled her before throwing her overboard gave us the very evidence to convict him of murder. She couldn’t breathe in water because she was dead long before her body ever hit the ocean and when authorities found her, her cause of death was determined to be asphyxiation, not drowning. He chose the ship, he chose the balcony room and now the judge will decide his fate.”

This is where things get a little long and drug out, this happened in 2006, but Loren was not arrested until February 2013 down in Safe Harbor, Florida. 

No one apparently suspected Lonni of murder until 2008 when he attempted to transfer $1 million between various bank accounts he shared with his former wife. Soon, the FBI started investigating the money transfer and the United States Attorney’s Office eventually took possession of the accounts where everyone discovered the motive, he stood to inherit the $1 million had her death been an actual accident and had he gone about obtaining it the right way. So basically one could say Lonni made a rookie move and got caught red handed with his hand in the cookie jar. 

Lonni now faces life without the possibility of parole and is scheduled to be sentenced on September 18.

Cristal M Clark


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