Trump Administration Fucks Up – Again to the Tune of $7.3 Million

Trump Administration Fucks Up – Again to the Tune of $7.3 Million

Buy’s Plastic Tubes Made for Bottling – Soda Instead of  Medical Test Tubes

Cristal M Clark 

When you have a leader like Donald Trump running the show this makes perfect sense, I mean the man did take credit for making Juneteenth famous as most people didn’t even know what it was before he made it famous, he’s also recently stated that he’d done more for our black brothers and sisters than even Abraham Lincoln did, and just this week said that we would have less cases of Corornavirus if we stopped testing for it, the number of cases would go way down, it would just disappear. I assume so would the number of pregnancies in the nation if we just stopped testing for it, how about cancer right, just stop testing for it and the number of cases would simply drop as if it just never existed. 


Like our inept leader the Trump administration tends to just stumble about making ridiculously stupid decisiions and mistakes. The Trump administration spent $7.3 million in taxpayer money on what they thought were test tubes needed to combat the Coronavirus, rather than properly vet the company and what they actually sell, they just flippantly spent our taxpayer money and made a rather embarrassing purchase. 

Texas based Fillakit LLC sold the administration Plastic tubes that are made for bottling soda and health officials are somewhat dumbstruck by the administration’s choice in test tubes for things like contaminated blood samples. 

To make things worse, according to former employees and ProPublica’s observation of the company’s operations, Fillakit employees do not always wear masks, gather the miniature soda bottles with snow shovels and dump them into plastic bins before squirting saline into them, all in the open air. Rendering them quite possibly contaminated already. 

Comforting right? That is just how much Donald Trump and his administration care about the citizens of this nation. 

And, I am not the only one saying that: the tubes are designed to be expanded with heat and pressure into 2-liter soda bottles, they do not fit the racks used in laboratory analysis of test samples. Even if the bottles were the right size, experts agree that the company’s process likely contaminated the tubes and could yield false test results.

Teresa Green, a retired science teacher who worked at Fillakit’s makeshift warehouse outside of Houston for two weeks before leaving out of frustration: “It wasn’t even clean, let alone sterile.” 

Officials in New York, New Jersey, Texas, and New Mexico confirmed they can’t use the Fillakit tubes. FEMA has asked health officials in several states to find an alternative use for the unfinished soda bottles.

The Trump administration’s often chaotic and frantic hiring of first-time federal contractors with little scrutiny during the pandemic shows how uneducated, inept and useless this administration truly is. The federal government has awarded more than $2 billion to first-time contractors for work related to the coronavirus many of which, like Fillakit, had no experience with medical supplies.

To put the icing the cake here, the Federal Emergency Management Agency signed its first deal with Fillakit on May 7, just 6 days after the company was formed by an ex-telemarketer repeatedly accused of fraudulent practices over the past not one but two fucking decades. Fillakit has supplied a total of more than 3 million tubes, which FEMA then approved and sent to all 50 states. If the company fulfills its contractual obligation to provide 4 million tubes, it will receive a total of $10.16 million of taxpayer dollars all wasted on shit we can’t use! 

Round of applause for Trump and his administration on this one, thanks for wasting our fucking money dipshits.

Cristal M Clark

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