White House Officials Defend Trump – Only to Fuck That Up

White House Officials Defend Trump – Only to Fuck That Up

Trump The President of Freedoms, The Right to Choose?

Cristal M Clark 

So this morning I was watching the news when I saw a White House Official get up on live TV and try to sell the news anchors on the idea that Trump is the president of Freedoms, the right to choose when he was pressed about Trump not forcing anyone attending one of his rallies to wear facemasks. 

The comment was that he is the president of freedoms, our right to choose and if you buy that irresponsible diatribe you are just as dumb as he and his White House Officials. First of all, he is not supporting your freedoms or right to choose, he took that away the second he has anyone sign a waiver who buys a ticket to a rally agreeing not to sue should the individual get Coronavirus whilst attending his trailer park rallies. Second, what about the freedoms of those that do not want the virus? Allow me to remind everyone, wearing a mask protects you from me should I be carrying the virus, not me from anyone carrying the virus. These rally goers go home and infect a community who didn’t choose, what about their right to choose, their freedom? 

The problem with the arguments of those that defend Trump’s sickening, heartless and irresponsible behavior is that there is no excuse to endanger willfully and woefully, endanger the lives of those that attend his rallies or anyone potentially infected by those that attend his rallies. It’s pure selfish behavior and and ladies and gentlemen, rather than border walls, tariffs and any other broken promises, Trump is going to feed his hard core supporters the idea that selfish behavior is acceptable this election, no matter what even if it kills people, selfish behavior is acceptable. 

For that alone, Trump should be jailed, he is willingly endangering the lives of thousands if not more through his selfish, uneducated, outlandish behavior. This past weekend I took to the Denver Metro area asking those that were out about this November, not surprisingly, many of those that wanted to vote for Trump simply because they truly believe he can help the United States pull out of the the recession are now considering other options, the reason being is simply his behavior towards the virus and the systemic racism, police brutality and our criminal justice system that favors the wealthy and the white over the poor, black and brown. It is his behavior and honestly I agree, his behavior is outlandish, and it will come with deadly consequences. 

Standing for our freedom, our right to choose? I don’t attend Trump rallies currently, I don’t choose to be standing near someone who did and who followed the shining example of our shellfish, inept president and who now has the virus. What idiot in the White House dreamed that bullshit defense up? 

Again, rally goers actually lose rights by attending a Trump Rally and they endanger the rest of us so what about my right to not be exposed to the virus? I help take care of a 97 year old and so far Grandpa is doing quite well living at home during the pandemic, what about his rights, his freedom to not be exposed to a virus that could potentially and most likely would kill him? No? Why because he’s 97? You don’t think he has anything to contribute to society? He was one of Denver’s very first uniformed officers, he also held a seat in our City decades ago. He has a memory and a lot to contribute still. 

Now let’s get to the argument that if people are afraid they should stay home, again that is taking away their rights and freedoms, now isn’t it?  How inhumane and selfish to tell people if you are afraid to catch the virus because some in our society refuse to wear a mask, practice social distancing and feel that their rights come before yours or mine that you should stay home. Is that not what Trump, his rally goers, his White House are saying because that is precisely what I hear over and over again and quite frankly and very honestly, it highlights very brightly just how divided our nation is. We are being led by a man who is mentally ill, anyone and everyone watching him, seeing his tweets, knows that, and we all know that his mental illness is not getting better it is in fact getting worse. 

I heard a rumor last week that those close to Trump think he is just giving up, I don’t believe that, I think that he is simply too naive to see the White House and those closest to him are in fact setting him up to fail. It’s never been more clear when they go about telling the world that he is the President who defends our freedoms, our rights to choose when it will endanger others who are innocent, or when he forces rally goers to sign waivers. No, someone is advising him to make these fatal moves and decisions. 

I also happen to know that Trump sees himself like a king and if I were Trump, I’d start reading up on the fate that befell some of the worlds greatest kings and start looking at who is advising him and who he holds near and dear. 

Don’t forget, GenZ is rising and fast, some of us have been fighting for decades for the same things GenZ is now so vocal about, put our numbers with theirs and if Trump can’t change and fast, we outnumber his voters in the last election by at least 3 times if not more and quite frankly we are telling you Donald J Trump to grow the fuck up!

Cristal M Clark


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