Facebook’s Days Are Numbered

Facebook’s Days Are Numbered

Facebook Might Not Make its Own Pandemic

Cristal M Clark 

Facebook has always been known for not stopping hate speech, fake news and hammering down on users who didn’t really post anything offensive, just facebook bots flagged something, users get suspended for three days, but lately Facebook has allowed for hateful, racist content posted non-stop and fake news about BLM, while not paying much attention to it. The one group that has paid attention to it, advertisers. 

Facebook just so happens to be the world’s largest social media network and it is facing a massive, and by massive, I mean massive advertiser backlash over claims it’s failed to remove racist and hateful content from its platform.

Microsoft, Starbucks, Coca-Cola, and Unilever are among the major corporates that have halted advertising on Facebook, wiping some $60 billion worth of value from the company’s stock and piling pressure on Facebook’s already scandal-weary investors.

The funny thing is Facebook even allows Trump to post hate speech, yet for instance today I posted a comment on a private group that I am part of we were joking about the gun toting St. Louis couple, the Karen and Ken couple, the post was something like “Name this Band” my comment was “White Trash?” Earned me a three day suspension but I am white, and two posts later I saw the word “nigger” used in someone’s post in very hurtful way towards blacks, a fake news story claiming BLM is plotting to destroy America, multiple posts referring to whites as “Cracker,” several with nudity, multiple with clearly graphic sexual content that depicts intercourse, blow jobs, oral sex on women and the like, the list goes on and on. 

But why flag the term white trash? It seems to me the platform has or should have far worse posts and words they need to and should be concerned with. What about calling mask wearers sheep? Or Words like Whore, Slut, cock eating monster? I find that not only stupid but also offensive and I keep seeing that bullshit on Facebook. I mean if you are going to have your nose in the air and be self righteous shouldn’t you be stopping all of the hateful or derogatory posts or is it just a race thing because last time I was flagged it was over a meme I found that was sexual in nature but did not depict nudity, copulation or oral sex? Facebook honestly has no idea what it’s doing. 

And Facebook has been under fire from everyone from Congress, to advertisers, to its users for flagging users who post to private groups and not content that is posted and shared outside of private groups and is seen by far more users on the more public side of the platform. Policing the right users rather than the harmful users is wrong and that is leaving users eager for a new platform to move on to.  

So, amid the growing Facebook ad boycott, Dfinity, a blockchain-based cloud computing platform that was valued at nearly $2 billion in 2018, has opened up its network to third party developers that it hopes will be able to “reboot the internet” and end big tech’s “monopolization.”

The idea is rather than a single tech giant owning the personal information of its users, platforms like Dfinity could be used to build apps where the users own their own information and can truly profit from it unlike with Facebook and Twitter.

And that is gaining support and interest. Dominic Williams, founder of Dfinity: “Open versions of the most popular mega-applications will replace the most popular applications of today.” 

Dfinity has also built an open alternative to video sharing app TikTok called CanCan that it claims has been built with less than 1,000 lines of code, compared to Facebook’s 62 million lines of code to highlight what it calls the “simplicity of building the next generation of mega-applications” on its blockchain-based network.

Dfinity, is aiming to make its network available to the public in the fourth quarter of 2020 and if you are like me, tired of FaceBook and looking for a new social media platform, keep your eyes open for Dfinity to roll out later this year. 

Cristal M Clark


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