Hells Angels and Mongols Clash Over the Weekend

Hells Angels and Mongols Clash Over the Weekend 

Mongols & Hells Angels Leave Path of Pitiful & Unnecessary Destruction 

Cristal M Clark 

This past weekend the normally sleepy little town of Arvada had a majorly bad situation go down. A novella ensued between the Hells Angels and the Mongols which resulted in all out war which spanned several city blocks, leaving multiple people injured and one man dead. 

The Mongols and Hells Angels have had a long and rich history of not getting along by the way and one would think by 2020 they’d have let go of the decades old trivial beef between the two clubs. But no, like overly dramatic bitches, they hold on to shit.  

The stories of what actually happened are conflicting which is expected with a crime scene this big, the battle went from 5980 Lamar St. in Arvada and ran all the way around 62nd. 

Nightwolf Band drummer John Akal: “It was a pretty brutal situation people were gunned down on their bikes as they were riding in the street.” Good Samaritan Ryan McPherson was caught in the gunfire, Ryan is the lead singer in the classic rock band, Nightwolf. The band had just finished their second set at a nearby bar and went outside to get some air, when they spotted a man lying in the street. Bandmate Akal says Ryan rushed to help.

According to police, whilst Ryan was tending to the downed biker someone came up behind him and clubbed him, which left him in a now induced coma. 

The man that was killed was one Hells Angels member, 43-year-old William Henderson. 

It’s truly both mind boggling and disheartening that the clubs can’t do better than this, be better than this. They are watching the nation fall to pieces leaving all of our holes exposed to all of our enemies, some of which threaten some of the um how shall I put this, less than legal trades the clubs have always been part of.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, I’d rather have the clubs running, girls, drugs and guns on the streets in the US than have a cartels or foreign gangs handle it, because a cartel will kill everything in its path, whereas the clubs tend to run things with a delicate more business like hand. 

And the clubs do happen to run legit businesses so these are not stupid people, unless they get into fights with each other. 

But no, the clubs can’t seem to see past that age old beef they have and would rather kill each other and harm innocent bystanders who were just trying to help.

Clubs typically try to sell themselves as just good ole boys but the truth is they are not always that, hence why women fall for club guys, women like bad boys. But clubs are more powerful than they realize, they’d be even more powerful if they stopped acting like women holding old grudges against each other and stood up as a united force you know, in case shit goes sideways here in the US and America actually oh-I don’t know, might need them to man up for their country? 

Personally, the only issue I have ever had with anyone in a club was a recent situation with someone with HAMC who had been trying to stalk me, you know unwanted attention type of shit. I took the problem to someone who is affiliated and it was handled for a time, we’ll see how long it takes this go around for that individual to try again. The point is, it really is time to let go of these old reasons that clubs can’t be friends or supportive of other clubs, you’re all in the same boat together like it or not, LE targets all of the clubs, society thinks your all thugs, or rather biker gangs.

And right now, we are all in a Pandemic together, we have a president digging the country into a grave both literally and economically and we have these groups like Antifa crawling out of the woodwork like roaches when the lights go off and to top all of that off, we have people most likely from other countries starting social media hoaxes like threats for the sole purpose of drawing, vigilantes, clubs and militias large masses to locations where as it turns out, nothing is happening, pushing for weaknesses that will leave places/things exposed and eventually that’s going to turn out badly.

We need the MC’s like it or not and we need them in one operational piece not out shooting each other over something meaningless and trivial, we need the clubs to stop acting like bitches who can’t let it go because now you are just letting people down. 

Cristal M Clark


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