White House Orders Hospitals to Bypass CDC – Send Test Results to DHHS

White House Orders Hospitals to Bypass CDC – Send Test Results to DHHS

Ha, Ha, Ha

Cristal M Clark 

I’ve been cracking up all day over this. Facts, the White House has no authority over State and Local Governments, much less hospital collection data results when it comes to a public health crisis such as a pandemic. 

State and Local Governments supersede the Federal Government on this one. Period and end of story. 

Now the question here is will anyone comply with the dickless order the White House is attempting to issue in an attempt to hide the actual numbers from being released to the public because Trump and his goon squad are to stupid to realize 1, isn’t this a move China already made and 2, they are not going to be able to hide the actual numbers, regardless. 

Besides, Hospitals could if they wanted to, send the info to the CDC and copy the White House, or in this case The Department of Health and Human Services, or they could take one from Trump’s own playbook and simply publish the data daily in Tweet, the media will get the info, the public and The White House all at the same time in real-time. 

Trump is a huge fan of Twitter I hear. 

Point is, this move is going to ensure Trump’s loss in the 2020 election. 

Why, because people are simply getting tired of Trump and the White House politicizing a pandemic. Hey the guy had a chance had he and his White House stuck to politics instead of matters that relate to public health, like well a Pandemic. 

Trying to hide facts from the public is getting noticed, lying to the public and trying to make the Pandemic out to be less than what it actually is, is getting noticed and the facts are clear, Trump continues to slide in the polls and now that his White House is ordering hospitals to bypass the CDC, it’s dug Trump an even deeper grave because Trump isn’t going to be able to hide the actual numbers. Too many of us know people working for hospitals in every city and what I can tell you is that most do not TRUST, Donald J Trump or his White House with any of the Coronavirus Data. They will gladly provide the actual numbers regardless to more trusted sources freely. 

Trump has the power to stop his inevitable loss here, but it is all about choices. He needs to get different folks advising him and handling things when it comes to the Pandemic and now rather than later because those that are doing it now are failing and that is a direct reflection of The President of The United States. 

I mean, they are trying to smear Anthony Fauci, who is more respected than our President, which says a lot and that failed so now…

More Facts: either back off the order with the CDC or watch it blow up in Donald Trump’s face rather flawlessly. 

Cristal M Clark


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