Donald Trump Takes to Twitter – Says It’s Patriotic to Wear a Face Mask

Donald Trump Takes to Twitter – Says It’s Patriotic to Wear a Face Mask

Also Says He’s Over the Pandemic

Cristal M Clark 

Knew you’d come around Donnie.

Today Donald Trump started to take to Twitter urging American’s to wear a face mask amid the pandemic, stating that it is patriotic. 

Just today we saw an article in the New York Post about a woman who had a meltdown over being asked to wear a face mask in a California Verizon store. She had her fit, dropped trow and pissed on the floor. 

This is how American’s are behaving over having to wear a face mask and it’s pure ridiculousness. To add insult to injury responding officers collared the woman and found several items that had been stolen from a nearby Dick’s Sporting Goods store in her car, according to the outlet.

I take it this idiotic woman didn’t quite think things all the way through. Utterly disgusting behavior. 

Right now it is our civil and patriotic duty to wear a face mask amid the pandemic, to refuse like a coward, you are telling us all that you are not truly an American Citizen, a true American Citizen will stand up and fight for this country, long before perceived rights, freedoms or civil liberties. Your jobs are to stand with the rest of us, protect our fellow citizens and our precious economy and wear a face mask like a true American would. 

The longer American’s display such sickening behavior the longer states will be forced to remain partially closed, roll back re-openings and look at full statewide shut downs again.  

Our webcast last night and article last Thursday evening actually went over American’s refusing to wear a face mask during a pandemic and calling them out for not being true American Citizens. It’s about time the Don took notice and started to do the right thing. But don’t stop yet Donald J Trump, if you don’t like the monsters you see who display such horrid and unpatriotic behavior, you only have you to blame for creating them. Just as they did you. 

Over the weekend Donald J Trump expressed that he was over the pandemic, more or less brushing it off and White House Staff have reportedly encouraged the Don to avoid the subject of the Pandemic at all costs. 

Ha, ha, ha. Donald, why do you bother listening to those that surround you, is it not yet clear whose interest they have in mind. If it’s not yet, let me get the clouds out of your way, it’s not your best interest they have in mind. Anyone telling you to avoid discussion about it, is not thinking of you at all. 

And this virus, well it’s far from being done with and over us.

So again, Donald J Trump, if you are tired of it, tired of seeing our economy fall into further ruin, and if you are tired of watching the utterly disgusting and vile behavior from those who refuse to face mask, remember they created you and in turn you created them and their behavior. If you do not like what you see or what you are being faced with as our President, then you, yourself must change you, your very own response to the pandemic, your behaviors and drive the change. 

And the first step you should be taking aside from encouraging face masks, is to stop listening to those who you surround yourself with, they are in fact making you look like a complete and utter failure if not a complete fool. 

Cristal M Clark

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