Donald Trump Changes Tone Regarding Coronavirus

Donald Trump Changes Tone Regarding Coronavirus

Too Little, Too Late?

Cristal M Clark

Today, Donald J Trump re-started his beloved white house briefings, but not all will be about the Coronavirus, rumor has it most will be part of his campaign or more lies.

Either way, he did take a huge step forward and has changed his tone with regards to the coronavirus, he stated that it will get worse before it gets better. 

That is huge for Donald Trump, whats-more is that he is still encouraging the use of face masks. In an about face he stated bluntly that face masks slow the spread and encouraged everyone to wear one when they are unable to social distance. He even encouraged younger individuals to refrain from going to bars, gathering in large crowds.

He should get some credit for that. He basically without coming right out and saying it told everyone he was wrong to downplay it and brush it off this long. 

What he is getting raked for are two key things: At this point many are wondering why we still have yet to see a real feasible plan of action. Fact, we do not have enough testing, fact the number of Covid deaths is hugely underreported because fact, hospitals are running out of tests and fact, not all tests are even accurate, still. Fact, we do not have adequate contact tracing in many major cities and municipalities. 

The other key point was – where is the economic recovery plan? I think now’s the time to say this but have we all learned now that attempting to rush to reopen pretty much failed and in rather glorious fashion? So where is a solid, well thought out, feasible economic recovery plan? Donald Trump does like to tout about just how great of a businessman he is. Where is a plan that will work without making things worse, where is the plan to prevent small businesses from going out of business, while also getting people back to work?

I know the extra $600 each week upset a lot of individuals as it prevented people from going back to work. But just taking it away will hurt the economy even more right now. What Congress, the Senate and the Administration fail to notice is that the cost of living still outpaces what people were even making so they must find a middle ground. 

But the thing that really disappointed me was the president insisting that the virus will eventually just go away. Fact, it is not going to just go away. We are going to be faced with it for a very long time. 

I will still give Trump credit for trying. He is not good at public speaking in this type of forum, as a president. He stuck pretty much to topic and ad libbed less than I have ever seen him do before. 

His actions today were a step forward, if he keeps on that path up to the election, the honesty about the virus and if he sticks to a solid game plan, not use the camera as if he were in front of just his staunch supporters, he’ll gain in the polls. What would really set him apart from Biden here though is that if he used this time to work with the US and not just the big dogs, but smaller business owners and workers and developed a more proper economic recovery plan. 

Stick to what you tell us you do best Donald and you’ll end taking the election by storm. And by the way, a lot of folks out in the real world are weary of mail in ballots whether they planned on voting Trump or not. That is the word from the street. 

So stick to what you know but have a solid, real world economic recovery plan. Work with the working crows and not just business owners. Keep being honest about the virus, your not good at lying about it or ignoring it. 

Cristal M Clark

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