Pathetic Trump Gives Microsoft 45 Days To Acquire TikTok

Pathetic Trump Gives Microsoft 45 Days To Acquire TikTok

Meanwhile in Miami, People Pay for Fake Negative Covid-19 Test Results.

Cristal M Clark 

In the latest bullshit Trump is pulling, he has decided that he is going to ban the popular with teens and young adults, Chinese owned app, TikTok. With everything going on in the US, hell the world, this is what Trump is focusing on. A couple of my detective friends on Friday as the news broke, sent me messages one read “My God, I am glad the leader of the free world is focusing on our country’s greatest concerns.” And you know, that really did put this into perspective. 

He and his administration are reasoning this with the fact that they simply fear the owners of the app will well share user data with China, even though TikTok has vowed long ago not to share user data and even if they did, it would not matter. 

Now if any of you have seen TikTok, you might be sitting back like me and saying wtf? Who cares, it’s not top secret, the stuff posted on TikTok is purely for entertainment, nothing more or less. The reality is simple here, Trump is upset over all you naughty teens and young adults making fun of him through the app. 

That’s right, he is having a temper tantrum of epic proportions but with an added twist which he thinks is going to make him look smart. According to Trump: “The U.S. Treasury would need to get a lot of money out of a TikTok deal.” Which he had to later defend stating that no one else would think of that. 

Umm okay. 

Nicholas Klein, a lawyer at DLA Piper, said generally “the government doesn’t have the authority to take a cut of a private deal through” the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS), which is the interagency committee that reviews some foreign investments in the United States. It was not clear how the U.S. government would receive part of the purchase price.

But let’s get back to the issue at hand, the sharing of user data and information. 

Go ahead and look at the above meme again. Need I say more on the subject?

And you thought that was it.

That’s right, people in Florida are paying to get Fake, negative Covid-19 test results even if they are positive for Covid-19. Is that Trump’s magic vaccine? You just pay to get a negative test?

And Donald J Trump is worried about TikTok?

Cristal M Clark

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