Absurd Denver City Council Woman Wants to Replace DPD with Peace Force

Absurd Denver City Council Woman Wants to Replace DPD with Peace Force

Abusing the Idea of Defunding The Police 

Cristal M Clark 

While many major cities are facing accusations of rampant police abuse and misuse of force Denver has relatively managed to stay out of the headlines mainly because our police tend not to engage in such destructive activity. Now that is not to say we don’t have at times one or two officers that go too far, we are most certainly not landing in major headlines for police misconduct unlike Aurora. 

But if City Councilwoman Candi CdeBaca gets her way, we could soon see the DPD replaced with a peace force? If passed by voters, the city council would fund the Department of Peacekeeping Services, and appoint its members.

Sometimes you look at elected officials and sit back in awe wondering how in the hell they were ever elected. I mean this Candi CdeBaca has effortlessly and continuously shown us the level of her ineptitude, the woman is truly a nut case. 

The bill also says the department would implement strategies to prevent conflict, reduce violence, and strengthen security, and prioritize a holistic, anti-racist, public health-oriented approach.

Policies and procedures would be created in collaboration with minority groups, and designed by a Citizen Oversight Board.

Here is the problem with the idea of defunding the police and bringing in these so called peace forces, and changing how the police operate, oversight groups, and putting non law enforcement out on the streets: our society is not yet ready to replace violence with peace and that is very, very clear. I doubt police misconduct accounted for last night’s senseless shootings along Federal Blvd. 

In fact Denver is on track to see the deadliest year in over a decade as violence has seemingly increased during the pandemic. We could blame it on violent clashes between police and protesters but that would be inaccurate, as we saw and fell witness to protesters who attended protests for the sheer purpose of creating a clash between themselves and police in an effort to paint a picture that is for lack of better words overall simply untrue of this city and our police. 

The idea of defunding the police is to demilitarize them, not to create peace forces to send out into the streets, it is to retrain police to become better at keeping the peace rather than to take a military approach. When we talk about defunding and creating yet another group of individuals we must pay, we are talking about putting a strain on tax payers and on society by not hiring law enforcement officers otherwise why the fuck do we have laws?

Furthermore, our society is clearly not ready to replace violent behavior with more peaceful and less violent behavior therefore if we defund the police and put funding elsewhere, we end up with a much larger problem than police misconduct as it would not only be probable but inevitable that violence would continue to grow long before it subsides. 

We need to carefully sit back and take a realistic look at what defunding the idea of defunding the police really was and is and make more appropriate suggestions rather than peace keeping forces thrust into a society that clearly is not ready nor capable of supporting them. 

The point is, before making major changes to society, one should consider the society they want to make changes within and understand the consequences of said changes when you try to make them within a society that is not yet ready to support said changes. The violence here in Denver lately has very little if anything to do with our police and to be be rather point blank, we do not have an ongoing issues with systemic racism here in Denver.

Cristal M Clark


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