Portland Oregon – Enough is Enough

Portland Oregon – Enough is Enough 

Portland Police Get Pulled from Calls to Deal with Riots

Cristal M Clark 

I get the protesting, I get the reasons, I also get the angst and the anger but the rioting, the violence? It’s time to say enough is enough. Overnight in Portland, Oregon police were pulled from other calls so that they could deal with a violent downtown riot.  According to police on Monday, 35 Portland police officers were pulled from their patrol assignments to cover an overnight protest, which was later declared a riot, in Oregon’s largest city, causing a delay in response to roughly 80 911 calls for help with issues ranging from shots fired and missing persons. 

Demonstrators set fire to two awnings at Portland Police Bureau’s North Precinct, shined lasers and threw “sharp chunks” of rocks, large metal screws and paint bombs at officers.

The demonstration “forced the assistance of about 35 officers from patrol, severely limiting call response. As the riot was ending, there were 80 calls just holding in the city, ranging from shots fired, car crashes, welfare checks, priority threats, missing persons, and more,” police said. 

By the way, it was the third night in a row for Portland that demonstrators started rioting rather than protesting. 

When protests turn to violence and rioting they become chaos, disorder and anarchy, which is precisely why Donald Trump tried to send in his secret police force. Agree with it or not, it was to maintain peace and order, to prevent riots from happening. 

It’s perfectly fine to support peaceful protesting, peaceful demonstrations for whatever the cause, but the second they turn into violent outbursts we must in turn support our law enforcement who are taking the brunt of those blows. Not to mention our cities and small shops, businesses and innocent citizens calling on 911 who are  getting caught in the crossfire. 

What is most intriguing here however, is the pandemic, the widespread job losses it leaves one to wonder if that perhaps isn’t helping to fan the flames of the discontent in this nation. One thing tends to tip the scales, with so many things out of balance currently, all it takes is one thing to become the straw that breaks the camel’s back. 

We are after all watching that play out in realtime and that will move on from state to state, city to city unless we start to regain control, law and order. If we continue to allow for the rioting, the anarchy, the violence in one city, others will follow, that is simply a fact. 

Cristal M Clark


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