Donald Trump Knowingly and Admits to Killing American Citizens

Donald Trump Knowingly and Admits to Killing American Citizens


Rage- Bob Woodword 

Cristal M Clark 

Since the beginning of the Coronavirus the American public has been at a complete loss as to where to get accurate information about how to protect ourselves, loved ones, neighbors and today we are hearing with our own ears that the US President knew on February 7, 2020 just how deadly the Coronavirus really was. He also knew that the virus does not just affect older people. 

He admitted to knowing how it is transmitted, how much more deadly than the flu it was, he admits to wanting to play it down rather than be a leader and be fucking honest with the citizens of this country. If he had been honest and had acted sooner, lives would have been saved. 

For Trump, this was about the stock market, wealth and him. 

Famed Author Bob Woodword interviewed Trump in March, one that was in fact recorded, which Bob is well known to do and Trump knew he was being recorded. Those audio recordings are all over the internet tonight. 

Lives could have been saved had Trump not attempted to lie to the American public, he continues to lie today to us. He continues to hold rallies where he encourages individuals to forgo wearing a mask, he mocks wearing a face mask, he encourages bad behaviors, dangerous behaviors and he has known as many of us suspected, the reckless behavior would cost lives, hundreds of thousands of lives. 

He is attempting to push health officials to downplay the virus, to mislead, to discourage simple safe best practices, he bullies the CDC, the FDA they go along with it?

Is this America or the largest criminal empire? 

Donald Trump has failed at keeping America Safe. I don’t want to hear this is China’s fault, it’s not, the lives lost here are plain and simple Donald J Trump’s fault. Every Single Death is Donald J Trump’s Fault. HE knowingly downplayed the virus and he knowingly misled an entire nation. 

Trump claims that he tried to downplay the virus to keep America prosperous, to keep American’s from panicking? Are you fucking kidding me? People are dying, have died, are facing long term health issues because of the virus, the US is in a recession, and his claim is to keep us safe, not panicked, prosperous? This guy is the one that encourages no wearing a face mask and gets pissed when a reporter refuses to remove the face mask before asking a question?

This is so incompitent and outrageous. Trump knowingly let his own people die under his watch, for stupid, pathetic and completely selfish reasons. 

Every single Republican should lose his/her seat for supporting this unfathomable monstrosity, for knowingly supporting his lies, his attempts to mislead an entire nation, his attempts to downplay a deadly virus all for the almighty vote.  

How many more things need to come out before congress and the senate stand up to him? What the fuck do we pay you for? We do not pay any of you to bury your heads in the sand and to play kick the can. 

Trump is also attempting to abuse his power by having the justice department defend him in a defamation case, a case by the way where he is accused of rape, his DNA is on file for that rape, he’s recently insulted our nations military, even top generals whom he called pussies and he discussed a secret nuclear weapon with Bob Woodward that he should not have fucking discussed with anyone. That is a military secret, well was actually. 

Donald Trump is dangerous, wreckless, he has no moral compass, he lies, he misleads, and if you think about it, the nuclear secrets he shared with Bob Woodward, who else Russia, China? Clearly he likes to brag. We all know Putin has something on Trump, so naturally it’s a given they have known for a while about this super top secret nuclear weapon. 

Are you joking me, this cannot be happening in this country. Both the senate and congress need to wake the fuck up and step up here. 

We did not have to shut our economy down – had Trump been honest

We did not have to lose as many lives as we have – had Trump been honest

We did not have to close states down – had Trump been honest

Our Unemployment rate would not be as bad – had Trump been honest

Schools would be able to open for in person classes – had Trump been honest

America Could have been great again – had Trump been honest and actually created testing production

His followers, how much does he care about you? Does he? He’d rather let you die because of his misinformation and his lies than live to vote for him.

Don’t want to cause a panic?

Are Black Men not coming to a neighborhood near me to overtake it and to make those affluent suburbs crime ridden shitholes?

What about defunding police, isn’t a rape going to fall upon deaf ears?

Hey where is that carivan of illegals these days?

Isn’t he suggesting we cast our votes twice because your mail in ballot is going to be compromised?

Hasn’t Portland been on fire for decades a fire only Trump can put out?

I could go on, Trump loves to fear monger because his weak base is afraid of actually growing past this archaic mindset.

Do something you cowards in Congress and the Senate. Stand up to this man and stop supporting him, like it or not, now is the time to walk away and to save the lives of American citizens, otherwise every life lost past this point is on all of Congress and the Senate. 

Donald Trump’s behavior is absolutely criminal and we the American people are tired of Congress and the US Senate just blindly letting it slide. 

It’s about time to see past parties and to stand with the citizens of this country against the monster you helped to create. It’s time to get rid of the virus sitting in the oval office before he kills any more American’s. 

Cristal M Clark

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