Deranged Trump Hellbent on Infecting as Many People as Possible

Deranged Trump Hellbent on Infecting as Many People as Possible

“He’s Not Even Pretending to Care now”

Cristal M Clark

Former Secret Service agents have spoken and not highly of Trump’s outing yesterday, telling the Washington Post that “he’s not even pretending to care now.” And that is actually undoubtedly true. Agents were left asking where the adults were, Dr. James P Phillips bested Trump at his twitter game by tweeting:

“Every single person in the vehicle during that completely unnecessary Presidential “drive-by” just now has to be quarantined for 14 days. They might get sick. They may die. For political theater. Commanded by Trump to put their lives at risk for theater. This is insanity.”

Others have accused him trying to behave like the Queen of England with his rather insane theatrical wave as he did his little drive by. To be clear, he could never be as graceful, kind and endearing as the Queen, no Trump, well he’s just a cunt.

Even more confusing are the lackluster, dishonest non-truths his doctors have muttered during every news brief on the President’s condition. The president does not want the public knowing just how bad his condition is and that is very abundantly clear. He would not be on some of the medications he is on, if his condition were what his medical team tells us it is.

Chief of staff Mark Meadows, who told reporters over the weekend that the president’s vitals were “very concerning,” basically claimed Monday that the Secret Service was probably exposed to the president when he was taken to the hospital, so what’s one more time? What in the actual fuck? What’s one more time? Well it could be the time someone actually gets the fucking virus and dies.

Dr Leana Wen: “If @realDonaldTrump were my patient, in unstable condition + contagious illness, & he suddenly left the hospital to go for a car ride that endangers himself & others: I’d call security to restrain him then perform a psychiatric evaluation to examine his decision-making capacity.”

And now, well it would appear his doctors are sending him home so that he can continue to infect as many individuals as possible with his erratic, lunatic, deranged and self-centered behavior. 

But if you looked through his Twitter feed today, he was on one hell of a tweet storm, some thought it might have been a steroid induced psychosis while others thought maybe it was just normal Trump he put out something like 13 or so tweets in something like 45 minutes a new record for Trump. In fact, Trump tweeted something along the lines of don’t be afraid of covid, don’t live your life in fear. What the actual fuck? This from the guy who is getting medical care none of us will ever have access to. 

He is setting himself up as some great leader, a martyr. he took one for the team, he survived the virus, he put himself in danger to lead and by lead let me point out, he has done it poorly, failed at just about everything this year, not to mention that he has acted in the most irresponsible ways. But by taking one for the team? 

Fuck you Trump, tell that to the over 200k dead american’s  who died as a direct result of Trump and his administrations campaign of misinformation. Those dead american’s took one for the team, Donald J Trump didn’t care about them and he does not care about you, the secret service, his doctors, his staff, me, no one, he only cares about himself. 

Trump is afraid of having to turn over power to Mike, he doesn’t want to hand it over whilst he is sick, for whatever stupid and pathetic reason, he is in fear of losing power although he already has.

Fact: most of America currently does not trust Trump or his administration with regards to the virus. 

So please Mr. President, by all means continue your selfish behavior here, get more American’s killed through your misinformation campaign with regards to a deadly virus. 

Donald, we are not on board with your political, sick pathetic propaganda. 

Let me remind you Donald J Trump, throughout the history of time, the universe has never rewarded martyrs with kindness. So by all means, continue to be a risk taking cunt.  

Cristal M Clark

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