Donald Trump’s Reckless Behavior Garners Jackass Award

Donald Trump’s Reckless Behavior Garners Jackass Award

Trump Tries to Play Down Virus, American Has Stopped Trusting Him

Cristal M Clark

Growing numbers of American’s are losing faith and trust in Donald J Trump with his recent behavior since being handed his own dose of Coronavirus. Doctors are sounding the alarm nationwide, hell I think it might be worldwide at the President’s behavior, his carelessness and complete and total disregard for the lives around him choosing to infect anyone and everyone that he can.

What an idiot. He is hanging on the misguided belief in herd immunity which would take the United States roughly 4 years to actually achieve so in the meantime, countless more American’s would die.

Donald Trump simply does not care if America burns to the ground killing every single one of us.

He falsely tweeted that the virus is less deadly than the flu, he posted the same on Facebook who subsequently took the post down because it is in fact, false intel. Less deadly for whom, the President who is receiving medical care and treatments no one else in the United States has access to? Perhaps we should ask the over 200K dead American’s who have died from the virus? Ask their loved ones, how they are feeling about our president today? A heartless monster who is off on some tangent because he isn’t doing too bad whilst having the virus but again, that is simply because he is receiving medical care none of the 200K American’s ever had a chance of receiving.

What about the reporters whose lives have been endangered by the White House, Trump and his entire administration? From what I understand they are not even conducting contact tracing nor have they made an attempt to. 

Let’s talk about the rest of our society who have died for other reasons, depression, anxiety, hopelessness, because of the virus and because they sat and watched our President destroy our beloved country.  

It is truly no wonder why the world is watching the US in horror this year, look at our leader who lives a fantasy in his own head. The senate and congress are no better here, after all they should be taking swift steps to remove this dangerous cancer from the oval office at once he is fucking putting lives in danger. 

The whole lot is selfish and ridiculously stupid. Instead they are just sitting around collecting a paycheck whilst doing absolutely nothing to protect American’s. They are no better than Trump. 

The man is mentally unstable and they are watching/letting and allowing for him to kill American Citizens. TF?

Donald Trump is a disaster, a waste of oxygen, he is a liar, a self-proclaimed true American Hero for putting his life at risk to lead? Lead what exactly, a sinking ship?

Trump truly deserves the world’s biggest jackass award this week, he is nothing more than a deplorable, selfish, tyrancial, lying and psychotic little man who is not a president who believes in America, he’s a president who wants to create its demise whilst killing its citizens. 

Cristal M Clark

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