Deadly Protests

Deadly Protests 

Denver, Colorado

Cristal M Clark 

Someone made a comment today that it’s starting to feel like the old west, people taking guns everywhere, supermarkets, Target, WalMart and now, guns at protests. Yesterday as here in Denver, two protests had been taking place at the same time, never a great idea considering the two protests were in fact, opposing sides. The Far-Right and the Far-Left. A “Patriot Muster” rally for a far-right militia group and a “BLM-Antifa Soup Drive” hosted by Denver Communists, Denver-Boulder Socialist Revolution and other groups, according to its Facebook page, had just ended at Civic Center Park when officers in the area radioed that shots were fired around 3:30 p.m.

Turns out the militia group cornered a guy from the opposing side and one of the militia members was subsequently shot and killed by private security for a local news station, the security guard was hired to protect reporters who had been covering the protests.  

This falls in line with the recent plot to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer. 13 men have been arrested and charged with the plot. 

This can all be traced back to the rhetoric that seeps from the lips of one Donald J Trump, always quick to encourage the violent behavior from these militia, neo-nazi, proud boys types. He gently encourages them, gives a slight nod or wink, subtly suggesting the violence. And they are pretty anti-government themselves, well they don’t view Trump as being part of the government regardless of the fact that he is the president of the US. or well, playing the part of it and it’s not oscar worthy either. 

I don’t really know who the fuck Donald Trump dreams he is, his tolorance of the violence, his encouragement of the violent white trash behavior are not what a proud American citizine is. It’s rather disgusting and incredibly disheartening. Whatsmore is his behavior, support and encouragement of these groups is all too familiar if you have ever watched how terrorist organizations recruit. 

Before our eyes we are seeing our country being torn apart at the very seems. This is not how we evolve as a race, that being the human race. We should be striving to end racism, police brutality, and unequal and unfair judicial system, and these militia groups, well the FBI needs to get the fuck on it and shut them down. I saw the parade of them driving like absolute idiots down Wadsworth yesterday heading towards 6th ave, in the typical lifted trucks of redneck trash that scream “My Wife has a Bigger Dick than I do,” I was not impressed if anything it was quite an embarrassment that these individuals claim to be proud american’s, what they really needs to be telling us all is the truth, they are only proud to be armed white men. 

And they are a problem. The time has come and gone for the FBI to act, they need to do and do it now because it is in fact already too late. 

Cristal M Clark

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