Turns Out Yes – You Can Get Covid -19 More Than Once

Turns Out Yes – You Can Get Covid -19 More Than Once

Confirmed Nevada Man Was Infected Twice With Covid-19

Cristal M Clark 

Just today news hit the wire that it has been confirmed that a man in Nevada has been infected twice with Coronavirus, hence you are not immune to it once you have had it, which is what just about every health expert and scientist have been saying since the start, contrary to what Trump falsely claims. 

In theory one’s body should build antibodies once you have had a virus, which is why we get flu shots each year, to help ward off the seasonal flu, but with Covid-19 we really do not fully understand how the virus works yet. How long after having it, we may or may not be immune to it, if we are immune how long are we immune. We also know that Covid-19 has mutated from that of the first discovered cases. 

Seeing a quick recurring infection is indicative of a virus that is still in it’s youth and one that hasn’t quite finished its evolutionary growth. As difficult as this is for some to believe, @realDonaldTrump, a virus is a living organism it can and will evolve and learn it’s environment or in this case, hosts. The human body. 

Covid-19 could very well be on a path to another mutation after hitting so many once and quite more probable than we realized, twice already. 

This winter could really be a do-over of the Spanish flu.  

The man in Nevada is 25 years old and is now the 5th individual who has been recorded worldwide as having caught the virus twice, and reports indicate that it is much worse the second time around than the first time. 

In all likelihood that number is more likely to be a much larger number than we realize because from what I understand at least here in the US, many who are studying the virus now believe it might have hit the US in the mid-late fall or early winter of 2019. 

That’s right, people describe being really sick starting right before Thanksgiving of last year all the way through December and January, many of which also state they have never been so ill in their lives and of having to have fallen to almost back to back illness. The first infection, more like the flu, the second time however, was extremely severe for many, all upper respiratory, breathing issues, memory loss, vision changes, hallucinations, headaches, high fever for days, confusion, the list goes on and on and we were not testing back then for the virus. Most of the symptoms people describe are also almost identical to that of the Coronavirus. 

To support that fact, the man in Nevada got the virus twice over the course of about 6 weeks in between the first and second time. Do you know how many US citizens fell ill in late November-December, who then subsequently fell ill again only much worse in January-February? 

I personally believe that the virus has been infecting us since around this time last year, quietly learning how to perfect the fine art of its reason for being (for someone like Trump, that means it’s mutating so as to be even more deadly).

That makes even more sense when you have two of the world’s largest pharma companies shutting down their trials as of today because of safety concerns. One of which was a vaccine, the other a therapy. That is how trials should work anyway, rather than try to rush them through again @realDonaldTrump

 We should be focused on the recommendations of people like Dr. Anthony Fauci, the CDC and basic science, socially distance, wear a face covering, wash hands frequently, avoid large gatherings/crowds. Like many I do not believe that this virus is done with us, heading into winter it will be much worse. What we have failed to study, understand and address is the probability that we more likely than not met the end of 2019 riding the first wave of the virus, with March being the start of our second wave and this winter being our third and most deadly wave. 

If anything, sometimes the simplest of history lessons has taught us this painful lesson already. Shutting down an entire country does not work, but we know other things that do in fact work. Like it or not, none of us is going to outrun this, so we need to learn to live with it until a time comes when we have the upper hand. That time is not now. 

Our president does not care much less have the upper hand if anything he has mismanaged this, he lied the whole way through this, he is still lying and not doing anything to protect this nation or it’s people, like mass produce testing, much less clear mass producing these magical treatments he is touting cured him…none of you have access to them now do you? Was he ever really sick other than mentally ill?

Cristal M Clark


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