Everything College Students Signed Up For – They Are Missing Out On

Everything College Students Signed Up For – They Are Missing Out On

Colleges Around the US Face Federal Lawsuits

Cristal M Clark 

When you think about it, college is a passage into adulthood, face-face learning, the athletics, being on the campus, interactions with other students, all these things help set our nation’s youth up to enter the world and the workforce. 

Right now however, students are missing all of that with campuses closed due to multiple Covid outbreaks. Rather than isolate the sick and the vulnerable campuses are literally forcing students to go home and learn online. 

To some extent I understand that but on the other hand, students will be missing valuable in person learning time, the hands on time some will need. The campuses closing after an outbreak was a really stupid plan to begin with. 

That said, students and families across the nation are now suing major universities for shuttering campuses and forcing students to learn virtually. Many of the things they paid for, they are missing out on. Rightfully so, they should be receiving rather large partial refunds. Additionally, some students have reported that once the campuses closed, they were forced to return home, only to face landlords who refused to allow the students out of leases, leaving many on the hook for the monies due for the remainder of the lease. 

Bravo, way to fuck over our nations youth here. In debt with the already higher than it ever needed to be tuition, now they are going to have to pay out leases at places they are not even going to be able to live.  

These class-action lawsuits are calling for partial reimbursement of tuition and fees and are continuing nationwide from Ivy League institutions to state university systems to small private colleges and they come with potentially hundreds of millions of dollars at stake.

The lawsuits are also serving as a backdrop for a larger conversation about the value of a four-year degree, whether earned in a traditional college setting or online, and the soaring costs oftentimes associated with it. The costs are astronomical for students and the value being brought into question is really simple. 

For many the curriculum of these 4-year programs has not really changed for decades, yet the costs have continued to soar. It’s an argument that has been brewing for some time now. 

Students are now suing for breach of contract, schools breached a contract with students by failing to provide an agreed-upon service in exchange for an agreed-upon price, and that the schools were unjustly enriched by retaining those funds.

Online learning entails fewer hours of actual instruction for many students as well as critical internships, so they are missing more than the social scene. 

These lawsuits are going to take quite some time to get through, years in fact while today’s students are left paying the price. 

Cristal M Clark


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