Treading Lightly Into November 2020

Treading Lightly Into November 2020

The US Presidential Election

Cristal M Clark

On Friday a caravan of whack job Trumpers surrounded a Biden campaign bus: “I love Texas,” down in Texas of course. The reckless behavior which was caught on video ran the bus off the road. According to both democratic officials and witnesses  they saw the pro-Trump vehicles attempt to “force” the Biden-Harris campaign bus “off the road” in the incident on Friday, per the New York Times.

Someone could have been killed here. This is insanity and stupidity at its best while Trump and his white trash kids are encouraging the behavior. I’d like to know what the fuck the illustrous FBI is doing about that? Nothing, no shit. They have stood by idely for an entire year watching Trump and his family encourage violence, racism, and acts of domestic terrorism and have done nothing. Not lifted a single finger to call out this behavior from the man who wears the TV title of US president. A role he has and will continue to fail at.

The FBI would, if we were to encourage this type of behavior, be on our doorsteps with a line of inquiry in a cold room with a window recording our very conversations.  

But what has really gotten many people dreading the start of November is what will befall us after the election. Our president just so happens to be a narcissist. When a Narcissist loses things get ugly, very ugly. We could see a civil war, a world war, threats, tantrums and hatefulness the likes of nothing we have ever seen before.  That just from our president, but you should also be wary of team Trump because his supporters will in fact have a complete meltdown should that orange rotund grotesque monster lose. 

Gloria Steinem & Dorothy Pitman Hughes in updated iconic image (PRNewsfoto/Bagan Photography)

Either way we must do everything in our power today to keep hate, racism, bigotry and womanizing from winning again. Remember Covid-19 is not the only pandemic, the only virus we are fighting. 

IF you haven’t already, get out and vote. Be the voice of change and yell it loud and proud, we do not stand for this type of leadership. It is time for change. 

Cristal M Clark

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