Republican Carnage Continues

Republican Carnage Continues 

Trump Went Too Far, So Did Support for Trump

Cristal M Clark 

I said it for like the last two weeks, if you are a Republican in office and supporting Trump you might want to think twice about that, actually I’ve been saying since shortly before the election. 

According to Jeffrey Sonnenfeld, the founder of Yale’s Chief Executive Leadership Institute: Top CEOs may withdraw financial support from Republicans who have backed President Donald Trump’s challenge to the election result. In fact this weekend it was reported that top companies, organizations, CEOs and leaders are announcing that they have no intention of tapping any Trump staffers or supporters after last week. 

Trump was banned from every social media site you could imagine except for I think Gab, he and his supporters are pissed about it and surprisingly The American Civil Liberties Union on Friday said it is raising concerns about his social media ban. They need to stay away from this one. This is the man who launched a verbal attack on our nations Capitol, he urged and encouraged violence, fanned the flames of conspiracy theorists and practices in the fine art of public hate speech which in turn encourages racism, not to mention attempted kidnapping and murder. 

A huge MAGA internet crowd has seemingly turned on Trump as well, calling him a coward. 

Rumors are stirring that Trump might try to pardon himself however, that may not be successful and even if it is, it will not protect him from New York nor will it protect him from those alarming calls he made to Georgia. 

Some of the nation’s biggest corporations and donors in the political arena are asking that Trump be removed from office, in fact they are calling for it outright.  And now, the Democrats are seizing the moment the house is planning to call on Pence and cabinet to use the 25th Amendment and move to impeach Trump. Whatsmore is that the Democrats have a following of Republican’s who have switched gears and they are on the same side now. 

And for those that backed Trump even after his hate speech and encouragement spurred the attack at our nation’s Capitol, like Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley, politically they have no future, in fact they have no future anywhere. 

But even with all of this action, the Democrats will need to continue to listen to the people and to do our bidding when needed most importantly, we need to come together and finally do something about the amount of individuals running around that are pretty clearly prone to acts terrorism. If you don’t think the world just watched this past week you are wrong, and you better believe those that mean to cause harm to this country took note of how easy it is to fool, con and lie to and to then control certain groups of American’s. 

One of the reasons social media began to pull Trump and this is why the ACLU needs to stand down on this one is because he fed conspiracy, he lied, misled, manipulated, conned and urged extremism, acts of violence and criminal activity. Which is criminal. He is a manipulator, and fooled his following into believing, behaving badly and then into doing the unthinkable. Social Media giants began to see even after the attack, his followers planning further attacks. This move took away that stage and will force the rhetoric into the dark corners but if anyone thinks this is the last attack by our own, you are dead wrong. 

We need to quickly and effectively send a clear message that this type of behavior will not be tolerated ever again. The FBI needs to be tasked with hunting these extremists down and dissolve them of any notion that they should continue to fight for Trump and this country as Trump misled and lied to them just so that he could destroy this nation. They are just as mentally unstable as Donald J Trump.

The only way to start with that message is to invoke the 25th Amendment and to Impeach Donald J Trump, then charge him with all of the crimes he has committed whilst in office including the attempt to commit election fraud, for it is a call to stop the madness or we risk it continuing on. 

It is past due the time to bid Donald J Trump goodbye.

Cristal M Clark

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