Donald J Trump Recruiting Domestic Terrorists in the United States

Donald J Trump Recruiting Domestic Terrorists in the United States

Donald J Trump is Akin to Osama bin Laden Uses Same Tactics to Recruit 

Cristal M Clark 

Not sure about any of my readers but I heard some of the calls being made to members of Congress this past weekend. Threats of war and death being spewed by what I can only tell you were from mentally ill individuals. Complete whack jobs who are so angry or just that crazy you never truly know which, those threats, those calls show with clarity a very serious mental health crisis here in the United States.

Donald J Trump incited an armed insurrection at the United States Capitol, remember the definition below as you read tonight’s piece. Remember it. 


The unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.

We are not a third world country, we are a country of educated citizens who have apparently lost their minds. These individuals are so messed up that they can no longer tell the difference between Donald Trump’s con, misinformation and lies and the absolute truth. They are willing and vowing to do the unthinkable. Acts of extremism, terrorist attacks in their very own country. IF this were ISIS, Republican’s would not be so quick to excuse it yet, they are finding ways to excuse the acts of violence and threats. If Kim Jong-un had foot soldiers here in the US ready to strike our nation’s Capitol, both Republican’s and Democrats would be doing everything that they could to thwart that. But when it’s Trumpers, they are what, what in the actual fuck are they doing to thwart the next promised round of attack(s) later this week and through the weekend? 

Speaking of, in the Republican arena I have also seen interviews of the most inept and ridiculous. CNN just played a clip of one guy who shall remain unnamed at the moment stating that basically they did not get what they wanted so they were left no choice but to become violent?

Where in the Fuck is the FBI with that one? 

No one but Trump can be trusted huh? A guy who just spent the last four years doing what ISIS does, brainwash recruits, Trump Brainwashed his supporters. And this is precisely how foreign terrorist groups recruit. Brainwashing. Trump wants you to believe he is pro police, the law, etc, clearly he is not when he urges, supports and encourages his following to BREAK the actual law. 

Pro-law, pro-law enforcement?  A cop died last week during the attack and I have yet to see Trump condemn his crew for it nor have I seen his lying arse offer condolences to the family of that officer. Brian D. Sicknick joined the Capitol Police force in 2008. He died the day after he was overpowered and beaten by rioters from the mob at the Capitol.


The unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.

Donald J Trump is no better than Osama bin Laden. The one thing he proved over the last four years is that he is capable of brainwashing American Citizens and turning them into terrorists. 

The FBI has issued a nationwide alert in all 50 states, warning about an insurrection. Trumpers are planning attacks in potentially all 50 states. Civil war. 

Not to worry I as I am sure many of you are wondering how or why it got like this, isn’t the FBI supposed to thwart these groups? 


The unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.

Well, if you paid attention the last four years, Trump fired a couple of FBI Directors who would have done just that, because they would have done just that. I am more than Sure Christopher Wray however has laid low while quietly taking notes on these groups, they have been quietly watching so with any luck they will manage to shut them down and off before anything terrible happens. 

As for the Republican’s who are still excusing Trump’s attack on the United States because he is a whiny little man child, you are cowards. You encouraged the behaviors then ran the second it became dangerous like cowards with your balls in your throats. You took an oath to protect this nation from acts of terrorism both foreign and DOMESTIC and you have failed to do that.

Here is the face of the Terrorist Leader Threatening the United States of America.

Donald J Trump is a Domestic Terrorist Leader and he managed to brainwash hundreds of thousands of American’s to the point that they are on the verge of destroying our nation. 

Republican Cowards, shame on you. 

Cristal M Clark

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