America – A Divided Nation or Just The Wrong People in Charge? 

America – A Divided Nation or Just The Wrong People in Charge?  

Mass Shootings, Livable Wages, Religious/Corporate Greed

Cristal M Clark 

They say that to understand the problems in America, one must understand who profits from them. Nothing could be more true than that. 

For every mass shooting, for the survivors and families of the victims, it brings back the mental anguish, the unbearable pain they felt and endured. It all comes back whenever another mass shooting takes place. 

And now we are being told that while we come out of the pandemic we as a nation could possibly see an uptick in mass shootings. 

For a while, we have a war of words between those that want better gun control and gun activists, we hear politicians tell each other off, promise change, hurl untrue accusations at one another and then do absolutely nothing to address the goddamn issue. Nothing, not a single thing. I watched that slob Ted Cruz running his mouth the very next fucking day last week after the shooting. What an inept sniveling, lying child of a man.  

Last week we saw yet another mass shooting here in America, in Boulder, Colorado. People who were doing midday grocery shopping, gunned down by a raging lunatic. Immediately after, the NRA started a campaign saying that the Democrats were coming for your guns.

No tact whatsoever, just a baseless claim in an effort to get American’s to freak out over second amendment rights and further profit from gun sales. 

Fuck the NRA and Fuck gun nuts who tout the second amendment as a god given right. It isn’t, plain and simple. America is the only place in the world where it’s easier to get your hands on a gun than it is to secure a car loan. Those are facts folks. 

So when I here gun nuts going off about second ammendment rights, you know what fuck you, I do want to take your guns. 

The issue is mental health and like it or not, if anyone is deemed mentally unwell, we should be taking their guns away. Drugs can affect mental health, substance abuse, medication, age, life events. When one is deemed mentally unwell, he/she should by default lose the perceived right to own a gun. Likewise, if someone is housing a mentally unwell individual, by equal default they should also forfeit their right to have guns in the home so long as said individual lives with them. 

For gun rights activists this concept is viewed as an intrusion. They are refusing to acknowledge and address that elephant in the room. What they care about is money, division among us and themselves. They could give a shit less about the 10 individuals who were gunned down last week and murdered. 

An argument could be made about how unmanageable the idea of taking guns away from mentally unwell people would be yet the reality is simply that it is not such a difficult task that it cannot be done. It really could be as simple as registering one’s car, if Doctors and law enforcement worked together. The DMV knows if you have automobile insurance without having to see a card because insurers report that intel to the DMV via the internet, a system you know. Addressing gun ownership and mental health issues could be resolved utilizing the same check and balance, as well as courts who are dealing with criminals. Feed that into a system and allow law enforcement to unarm dangerous individuals once and for all. The same can be done when people go on certain medications or if someone is abusing drugs or alcohol to such an extent that it very well could lead to them becoming dangerous. 

Truly American responsible gun owners would not take issue with it and understand the word “right” and stop behaving as if it is your privilege. 

Another issue here in America that we have fallen witness to is the idea of livable wages. I am not sure who the fuck believes $15 per hour is a livable wage, allow me to educate you, its not a livable wage you wankers. Anywhere. Spare the argument that by raising minimum wage the cost of a burger will go up. I hate to break it to you, the cost of everything has far outpaced wages in this country since the 2000s due to…ahhh greed. 

Those that continue to vote down a $15 an hour minimum wage are the same who want to jail you for taking voters a bottle of water while they wait in line to vote, which by the way happens to be a fucking right in this country. It’s about maintaining the control over you that they lost during the last presidential election. Here we see this white trash GOP treating voting as a privilege rather than what is, which is a right in this country. Which is funny, because all I ever hear from GOP supporters who also support these types of moves is that they don’t want us to be like other countries, yet here we are, aren’t we? Taking away voter rights sure in the hell sounds like some third world country bullshit to me. 

Remember, these people you voted for, in particular those in the GOP do not care about you, they care only about themselves and what they can gain from your failure and suffering. By keeping you down, don’t forget they serve us, not we them. 

This is one of the only countries where corporations and religious entities are given tax cuts and still allowed to abuse and mistreat the very human beings who make them what they are. We tax the poor to the point they cannot afford food and reward the rich and church through tax breaks. 

Tell me that is not the most fucked up notion you have ever seen?

No matter which side you are on, if you cannot be a decent human being, it makes you pretty unamerican. 

Christianity quite frankly and its hold on this nation is all too terrorist like and it is about time that the FBI start to take a hard and clear look at that, it’s time to come to realistic terms with the idea that organized religion has its icey grips on this nations neck which makes them akin to groups like ISIS. They keep telling people that Trump is a prophet while failing to read their very own teachings upon the subject of the false prophet who comes before the real one does. Trust me, I see that garbage all over FaceBook these days. The point being is that they finally made their move which has been all too clear for those of us watching them, they did what terrorist leaders do in that one fatal move. 

So what do we do to fix everything in this country? Well the first step really should be to rid ourselves of the aging, dying GOP. They have gone off the path of righteousness and fallen victim to of greed, stupidity, rumors, lies and untruths in an effort to control citizens of this nation. Under the GOP we would no longer be, home of the free. 

Cristal M Clark

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