Facebook to Users – Fuck You 

Facebook to Users – Fuck You 

Data Breach Exposes 530 Million Facebook Users

Cristal M Clark 

The hits keep coming for Facebook users, over 530 million users information has yet again been exposed and this time Facebook is refusing to tell which users were affected by the massive data breach. Basically, Facebook is giving every user on it’s site the middle finger on this one. 

Users whose personal data was lifted in a breach sometime before August 2019 and was recently made available in a public database. Phone numbers, full names, locations, some email addresses, and other details from user profiles were posted to an amateur hacking forum. 

In response to the reporting, Facebook said in a blog post on Tuesday that “malicious actors” had scraped the data by exploiting a vulnerability in a now-defunct feature on the platform that allowed users to find each other by phone number. Get this, those fucks actually found the vulnerability back in 2019 and didn’t say a word to anyone. Hoping I am sure that no one would have ever figured it out. 

It’s time to call out Facebook for what it really is, a bad actor. While Facebook touts itself as a safe, family friendly social media site, the truth is that it is in fact, not that. Not that at all. They allow for users to name call and harass one another, choosing to single out specific users that they would like to silence. Not to mention the site panhandles so much fake news and misinformation at an alarming rate that quite frankly it should be shut down and banned on the internet. 

Facebook and instagram both also allow for the illegal sales of controlled substances and willingly turn a blind eye to the prevalent issues. 

The simple truth is, Facebook is a dying breed and should face severe consequences for its continual misrepresentations of what the site really is, the continued data breaches and for the way in which is mismanages misinformation campaigns, infiltration by hate groups and for allowing on multiple occasions, live video of suicides and mass shootings. Not to mention the way that users are stalked and messaged by scam artists, it’s deplorable. 

Overall, Facebook should get a thumbs down. It’s time the United States Government did more in an effort to shut this bad actor site down than just offer up hearings that serve as nothing more than lip service. 

Facebook is nothing but a toxic waste dump.

Cristal M Clark


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