Facebook’s Newest Venture: Sex Trafficking  

Facebook’s Newest Venture: Sex Trafficking  

Facebook Continues to Make Bad Headlines

Cristal M Clark 

Facebook hasn’t been one to really give a shit the past few years about any of its data leaks, tracking users without permission, allowing the spread of misinformation, and now not surprising sex trafficking. 

No, you didn’t read that wrong, facebook according to a newly released report published by the Human Trafficking Institute is the most commonly used social media platform for human sex trafficking recruitment in the US. 

Bravo Mark Zuckerberg, bra-fucking-vo, Mark. 

Facebook was the most common platform for child recruitment, with the report noting that “65% of child victims recruited on social media were recruited through Facebook.” That is over half of the online recruitment effort, over half!

Facebook, by the way, is not really all that popular with teens, while roughly 70% of American adults frequent the site, it is not the favored platform among teens. Roughly  51% of teems used the network, while YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat took the top spots in a 2018 survey. Yet, the report says, “Despite Facebook’s reputation as a less popular platform among teenagers, it was a more common platform for recruiting child victims than adult victims in 2020 active sex trafficking cases.” 

Why is that? Because Facebook has some frighteningly lax rules, allows for rampant stalking, does very little to thwart obvious scams, phishing attempts, bots and the like. And, Facebook encourages users to share detailed intel about one’s life. I am sure you have all seen the posts, the shitty memes that ask seemingly innocent questions. 

These bulishit memes are designed to obtain even more information about you, scammers and even sex traffickers utilize that information to steal your identity for the purpose of scamming banks and credit card companies out of money, some use it to stalk people and others, to sex traffic. 

The problem is not the users, the problem is the platform itself. 

If the platform really cared at all about users it would in fact not allow for so much personal information to be shared and would in fact stop these bogus memes, questions tossed out to readers and the like. 

The point is, users of the platform are simply and only the almighty dollar sign to Mark Zuckerberg and to the platform’s advertisers. 

The clear and obvious answer here is that the platform should face strict regulation. I know people don’t like that, but none of you want your daughters sex trafficked so choose one or the other here. Telling kids not to do something is like trying to wrangle feral cats. 

The platform either needs to be taken offline or it needs to be heavily regulated and held accountable for a change. 

Cristal M Clark


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