31-Years or Less 

31-Years or Less 

When Will the Earth Stop Sustaining Life?

Cristal M Clark

It is said that a world can only be habitable for so long before it becomes unable to support life. The earth is no exception to this rule, in fact we humans have stepped in and somehow sped up that inevitable process. Some say the earth has just 31 years left before she gives up on us, others will tell you it’s billions. The truth lies somewhere in the middle of all of that. 

At the rate that we are destroying the planet along with its resources we stand a good chance of ensuring this world’s inevitable demise much more quickly than anyone could possibly anticipate. 

Of course global warming is a thing, here in Colorado we are enjoying a rather dull and warm extended fall, rather than snow and blustery weather. In other parts of the country severe tornadoes have snuffed out life, obliterated entire towns, just yesterday in fact. 

I remember once this really dumb woman who was a friend of my fathers told me that in Florida they don’t have to worry about emissions because they are between water. It is this very ineptitude that all but ensures our demise along with the planet. 

The question is, are humans to blame entirely? Yes and no. The earth was always going to end yet we have not helped matters at all. We have sped up the process, we are tearing up natural resources to build more and more, we drive motorized transports that pollute the air, we have factories that pollute, we dump waste into our water supplies and oceans, we are destroying the wetlands, they are vanishing, and all for what? So that we can have stuff. We have put more emphasis on greed, money and stuff than we have towards living and ensuring that this world will be here long enough to support life until we can find another world that will support life well into the future. 

Furthermore we have put more emphasis on stuff rather than space exploration, getting out and seeing what else is out there. Instead, we have new iphones, pelatons, smart watches, 3D printers that can print a steak if you so desire. We would rather have a new vehicle than look up to outer space, we would rather level an entire forest to build a new highrise apartment building made as quickly and cheaply as possible because the flats look cool. 

Recently William Shatner traveled to space, I read somewhere that someone basically tried to shame him for doing it, space travel for the rich or something. Sadly, this space travel by the corporate world leaders is perhaps the only way since our governments can’t quite seem to figure out how to sort out stopping us from destroying this world faster than we need too, much less find a new home for all life here on earth. 

If we continue to rid ourselves of our precious resources here on earth, the earth will in fact be unable to support life and I am not sure we would deserve another planet to destroy. To put it in simple terms, we are destroying the biosphere, which is the crucial element to sustain life.

Oxygen levels are decreasing and so is healthy sperm count in men according to science. None of that is a good thing, healthy sperm is a sign of the end if anyone is paying attention. That is due to our environment and the many abuses we have heaped onto it. Pollution, preservatives in foods, contaminated drinking water, no work life balance, the destruction of nature. 

It all paints a rather grim picture of what is in store for this planet and us. We need to find a way to live while also reducing our carbon footprint on this planet if we hope to be here long enough to find a new planet. 

The reality is that it makes no difference which side of the coin you land with regards to climate change, we will either speed it up or not, the real dilemma is how long can the earth continue to can sustain life?

If we cannot learn now, we never will and if we refuse to pay attention to the warning signs we along with the earth will become extinct. 

Cristal M Clark


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