Welcome 2022

Welcome 2022

What Will We Face This Year?

Cristal M Clark

So many people were glad to see 2021 close and come to an end. 2021 was incredibly and unnecessarily full of drama. After taking most of last year off from writing to focus on my book, which will be out soon, I decided to take a break from everything going on around us. After having covered Trump being elected and the four years he was in office, I needed the break. The man is more exhausting than having 12, 2-year olds running rampant and at your side 24/7. 

What will this new year bring us? 

More Covid for sure, it seems that we need to learn to live with it because it’s not going away anytime soon. Facebook probably isn’t going away anytime soon, rebranding and attempting to create an alternate computerized world for users to live in rather than, oh I don’t know, get out and actually live life.

Climate change is not going away, it seems to be getting worse by the day much like Donald Trump, who just won’t go away. His icy grip on the world is as bad as Covid’s. 

The world last year seemed more violent and the earth seemed more angry with our lack of respect towards it. 

This year opened, many faced it with hope. The hope that we will learn tolerance, acceptance, forgiveness, kindness and begin to heal from the last year and the one before. With the hardships that many in our nation are facing each and every day on top of prices growing to that which exceeds the average working class’s ability to provide both a home and food, to the threat of Covid, or getting gun downed while shopping, I hope that at least my readers step into this New Year with an understanding and a kindness towards others that you have never put forth before, until now. 

Happy New Year!

Cristal M Clark


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