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Cats and Technology Don’t Always Mix

Cristal M Clark 

Cat’s have a bad rap for trying to kill us, which is not really true. They are quite intelligent and loving. They love to cuddle, talk to you, a cat’s meow is them attempting to mimic a baby’s cry, after all Siamese cats, if you have never had one, have mastered that. 

We often joke about cats because they want our love and affection on their terms unlike that of a dog. They do understand most of what we are saying, they just choose to ignore us most of the time and they are often thought of as creatures who prefer to be alone.

Cat’s in many cultures are thought of as Godlike, much like that of a crow they are the perfect familiar and are like no other, oftentimes walking a fine line of being in between this world and another, always protecting us from that which we are unable to see, along with those pesky bugs that tend to sometimes get into our homes. 

When we think about smart technology, it helps us with just about everything all in the palm of our hands or on our wrist. We can talk to our fridge from the comfort of ones office through their phone, set your crockpot, instapot or Suvie to cook while away from home, heck you can even brew some coffee while you drive home from your car and have it waiting for you the minute you walk in the door. 

These days now, even ovens are granted smart technology. While we are creating all of this new and cool smart tech, we don’t think about how our pets might interact with it. 

So are cats trying to kill us?

In South Korea officials are warning all cat owners to beware of some electric stoves, in particular ones that have  touch-sensitive buttons, because a cats delicate little kitten mittens can in fact turn into murderous paws by setting off the stove, just by a little itty bitty bean touch. 

Turns out that our poor little feline friends have been accused of single handedly starting over 100 fires between 2019 and 2021. Sadly it’s not only the touch tops, cats have also been known to turn the knobs on a stovetop as well. 

Officials are urging people to be sure to childproof your stove unless you want to live life dangerously whilst homing a feline friend or two. 

Cristal M Clark

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