Look Out Moon Travelers 

 Russia and China Are Teaming Up

Cristal M Clark

Some might say that Russia and China teaming up sounds insane but the reality is they are two of the most powerful nations, both poised to surpass the United States in almost everything and that includes the coveted roles of World Leaders and Space Leaders.  

The two have presented a plan to build the joint International Lunar Research Station (ILRS). The proposed lunar base is slated to be ready for crewed visits by the year 2036 and it is important to note that it is completely unrelated to the NASA-led Artemis program, which is to land on the moon by 2024, and have the first woman of color on board. To other nations it has also become painfully clear that date is pretty unlikely for the United States. The better bet is that Corporate Space Travel is going to get us to the Moon and elsewhere a lot faster than NASA. 

ILRS is open to other nations joining them, which makes a lot of folks wonder why the United States isn’t joining. We are already losing our footing as a world leader. Do we really want to lose any more ground by not working with other nationions in the effort to explore outer space? The point here is, we have all but ruined any chance of this planet’s ability to continue to support life for the long term, shouldn’t we start learning to play together in an effort to save life as we know it? Or does the US still think it’s king to all?

Cristal M Clark


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